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82 | July 2019 The Ideal Home and Garden

Artist Speak


ailing from a business family,
embarking on a career as an

artist was not easy for Swati, but it

was her talent and love for art that

finally made her win the love and

support of not just her family, but

art lovers as well. Since her first

exhibition in the year 2008, Swati’s

art has found ways to some of the

eminent exhibitions in India as well

as abroad. Her artistic creations

display an immense artistic maturity.

Swati reveals, “It was pranic healing

which helped me find a way to

express my inner soul, and being

a pranic healer, I have a strong

spiritual side to myself, and most

of my creations are made with the

intention of spreading positivity.” In

her quest to express the spiritual in a

tangible form, Swati has taken help

of both paintings and sculptures.

For Swati, the act of creating a work

of art is synonymous to following

a particular train of thought,

developing and working on them

unless the thought is translated

seamlessly into her creations. When

she paints, it is more like letting

her emotions flow without any

obstruction. She can never pin point

when and how the painting will

end, it is just an inner joy, which she

feels when her inner thoughts are

translated on her painting and that is

when she knows, her work is done.

Swati Pasari
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