Playground (2021 #1)

(The Playground) #1

each have filled the room.
he sealed the wound, disinfected. ointment, gauze, tape,
prescription, done. finally we went to have lunch. there
i started to feel nauseous a bit. i had to work out on
something that i was not used to as if it was. the patient was
severe for me to reveal my unproficiency and furthermore,
people in that room were doing their very best in the
moment. as back blast i felt tired in the muscle, hungry, but
worried if i could eat at the same time.
we went outside of the building and not too far away lunch
table was set on the grass. i had to eat to survive for we
had to go back to see patients after lunch. i was hungry
too. there were approximately 30-40 chickens on a grass.
was not too many, but enough to evenly cover up the grass
field. i realized them and felt scared. wasn’t sure if i could
eat here. one colleague found out and helped me distribute
my plate. when i sat on a chair, white plastic chair, several
chickens ran to my side.
if i could ever think of avoiding them i would get off and ran
out of the grass. i couldn’t. i couldn't make a single sound,
held my legs on a chair, shook with a plate on one hand.
something was overwhelming. all of a sudden i was dragged
up as if the chair leg is getting longer. i went up in the air,
but couldn’t feel apart from the fear under the chair, but
only the whole space underneath became a mass of danger.
while i was dragged up into the air, the danger was also
getting bigger.
it probably was around 10 seconds until a woman sitting
next to me realized that it’s not just funny and scattered
them. after an eccentric experience overpowered in a
moment, i started to cry. people in that place comforted me
saying i got sensitive after seeing blood, but ironically i
gained bigger fear on seeing birds than blood.


Day. 1
손 아귀는 가볍게, 손가락의 힘은 단단하게.
집어들고 빠르게 훑고 반댓손으로 올리고, 집어들고 빠르게 훑고 반댓손으로
올리고, 집어들고 빠르게 훑고....
이미 수십 수백개의 패턴으로 덮인 공간이었다. 오가는 대화는 행동에 영향을
주지 않아야 한다.
처음부터 끝까지. 머슬 메모리.
표면의 질감, 색감, 크기, 모양, 껍질의 두께, 무늬.. 전부를 살피는 시간은 0.5초

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