The Path Of Life, The Journey Of Living

(solaojo) #1
In due course, I was back in the boarding house to the amazement
of my pals in the school. Some of us had it rough in school,
especially the last two years of our stay in the school. At one point
or the other, we were in the field receiving punishment and at a
particular time we were even threatened to be expelled. God took
control, and I was able to sail through and completed my School
Certificate at one sitting despite all odds.


I remembered when we were in form four (now SS2), one of my
classmates (a female) who was very close to me in the school
encouraged me to sit for G.C.E. (General Certificate of
Examination) and I had to tell her that I was not interested. I was so
confident then, that I told her (even though she convinced me, that
she could sponsor the exams if I had no money) that, those who do
not trust themselves go for such alternative examinations. So, I did
not sit for the GCE exams. I noticed then that whatever my heart
asked me to do, I would do and God had always been praised, even
though there had always been dark moments.

I sat for my eight registered papers in 1980 and to God be the glory,
I did not have any cause to re-sit for any paper and there has been
no regret whatsoever.

Though the school result was withheld then and we had to go for
re-enrolment but before the commencement of the re-sit
examinations, my result had been checked out at the WAEC office
and was released, except my Mathematics. I thought that probably,
I would be sitting for it in the next exams, but to God's glory, by the
time I would go to check the result in the school, Mathematics was
among the subjects that had been released, though not with the
expected grade. I learnt that my mathematics was undergoing a

The journey started smoothly, we bought gala, water, after agreeing
that we would eat amala when we get to Ibadan before we go into
IITA for our job simply because they had 'oyinbo' style there.

When we got to Sagamu, we filled the tank of the car (a Peugeot
505 saloon car belonging to one of my colleagues who drove the
car) with petrol, and then continued the journey.

Not quite long after we left the station, the problem began; a tyre
got burst at the rear. The first thing I noticed was that the car took off
like an airplane flying into the sky. We then landed in the ditch after
the car had somersaulted for about six times. The two people who
were sitting at the front were saved because of the seat belt, the
windscreen gave way before its final stop and they could have been
flung out as the car was still flying.

At the back seat of the car, we were two people, a colleague and I
but I was more affected, because the other guy was able to come out
while I could not.

It took some good Samaritans to pull me out of the car. But when
they were trying to pull me out, apart from the fuel that was gushing
out, it looked like my navel downwards had been cut off into the
car. What was going through me at that time was the possibility of it
being amputated. My left arm seemed pierced with a hot iron rod
that had been in the furnace for quite a long time. The pain I was
feeling was very peppery.

I could hear a lady's voice where I was initially laid; saying to me, to
continue to pray that nothing would happen to me. Apparently, she
might have noticed my mouth moving as I was chanting my
church's motto for that year (“I shall not die but live to declare the
works of the Lord” – Ps. 1 18:17). To me in that state that I was, the
voice was coming from a far distance. I only felt the lower part of

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