(Jacob Rumans) #1

4 RUNNER’S WORLD JULY 2018### CONTENTS1924HUMAN RACE33 For Dad AndDepressionShe’s running to honourher father – and to openyour eyes.``````36 Around The WorldIn 8 MarathonsTur nin g 7 1? T im e to r un o nevery continent.``````40 Street StyleOwn the London night.``````41 Medical PracticeTaming study stress.``````42 IRanItO!He blacked out whiledriving – then lost 30kg.COLUMNS38 The NorthernRunnerBad PressBY LISA ABDELLAH``````82 Back Marker‘I’ll Probably NeverGet Faster Over TheMarathon.’BY PAUL TONKINSONPERSONAL BEST19 Tr e a d m i l l Powe rDiehard outdoor runner?Tr y this.``````22 The Sensory RunSwitch on your built-intech.``````24 Quick SandTrade tar for the beach toget more out of every kay.``````26 Cold ComfortBreathe – and run –comfortably in winter.``````28 Probiotic PowerLookafteryourgutgoggasand they’ll look after you.``````30 The Run-To-LoseProblemIt’s okay to lose a few kg –but avoid these traps.``````6 Rave Run12 Ed’s Letter14 The Loop``````IMAGES: PIETARI POSTI, GALLO IMAGES/GETTY IMAGES, LARSEN & TALBERT3082

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