Ghosts of Saltmarsh

(Nancy Kaufman) #1

Some of the dwarves associated with the new mining
operation wouJd like to know how a human came into
ownership of such fine dwarven tools. A few suspect
treachery and might hire the characters to break into
this place and make off w ith anything that "rightfully"
belongs to the dwarves.

    The large fish-processing buildings in this area reek of
    prosperity (and fish). All are engaged in salting or brin-
    ing the catch brought in by the fleet. Most of the time
    these places are busy, and the workers have little time
    for chatter.

    The Oweland family has owned this sprawling man-
    s ion for generations. Despite the family's wealth, the
    building is a sprawling collection of new construction,
    expansions, and additions. Each generation of the family
    has added to the building to accommodate the clan's
    growth. The family takes in fishers who have fallen on
    hard times, sharing their wealth with others until they
    can recover.
    The sprawling, mazelike interior of the Oweland
    house has spawned rumors of hidden passages and
    secret chambers within it. The family once engaged in
    smuggling, and several hidden tunnels run from the
    cellars beneath the mansion to points out of town. Sker-
    rin Wavechaser has discovered a few that are unknown
    even to the family.

    The Solmor family owns several buildings in this mod-
    est complex. The largest is the personal mansion of the
    Solmor family. Three smaller buildings house servants,
    employees of the family's trading fleet, and secure stor-
    age for expensive goods.
    The Solmor family maintains a cadre of a dozen
    guards led by four vete rans (all LE humans). These
    mercenaries report to Skerrin, and though they out-
    wardly serve the Solmors, their loyalty is to the Scarlet
    Brother hood.
    Despite the Brotherhood's infiltration of this place,
    Skerrin takes pains to avoid leaving any incriminating
    evidence lying about. His eidetic memory allows him to
    burn any notices and reports he receives after reading
    them, though at times he can be careless and leave par-
    tially burned scraps of paper in his garbage.
    The mariners' guild serves all the towns along the coast,
    providing a bunk and a meal for sailors passing through.
    Sea captains in search of a crew stop here, as do others
    seekjng news from afar. The guildhall is an excellent
    place to discuss seafaring. as well as the various threats
    to navigation along the coast.
    General Illinar the Fifth is a disgraced human general
    of the Great Kingdom. currently living in Saltmarsh and
    trying to stay one step ahead of the Overking's assassins
    after he supported an unsuccessful bid to usurp the
    throne. He goes by the name lngo the Drover here and is
    slowly building a reputation as a good source for guards,

marines, and muscle when sailing through difficult wa-
ters. His only link to his prior life is his campaign med-
als- souvenfrs that remind him of his former glories
even if their discovery would reveal his past. He keeps a
shield guardian in his home, a last, hidden resort to foil
any attempts on his life.
lngo (LN male human gladiator) tries to keep a low
profile. He avoids taking sides in any conflict, but if his
cover comes under pressure, he can be compelled to
throw in with one faction or the other. He has a good
friendship with Eliander. The two sometimes meet for
a drink and share stories of their experiences in the
military. Although fngo tries to keep his stories vague
enough to maintain his cover, Eliander suspects his
true origin.

Run by a snobby gnome named Jilar Kanklesten (N
female gnome commoner), the carpenters' guild has
plenty of work building houses, assembling fish barrels,
repairing docks, and much more. The whole building is
a marvel of workmanship, made without a single nail.
jilar is obsessed with rare woods; she pays handsomely
for adventurers to make expeditions in search of specific
trees in the Hool Marshes, the Drowned Porest, and the
Dreadwood. Roll a d8 and consult the table below if the
characters seek work from her.

d8 Object
The branch of a tree used to hang a murderer
2 Splinters from a tree struck by lightning
3 A shard of a treant's bark, given freely
4 A wooden stake used to impale a vampire
5 Tendrils harvested from a shambling mound
6 Deck planks stolen from a pirate ship
7 Log taken from the Hool Marshes, transported in
swamp water
8 Wood from a shipwreck

    Just east of the docks, built along the shores of a se-
    cluded bay, are a handful of buildings known collectively
    as Crabber's Cove. The buildings are weathered, aban-
    doned by the residents of Saltmarsh years ago. S ince
    then, thousands of crabs have taken up residence in
    the crumbling remains. Crabbers from Saltmarsh are
    cautious about the cove, as more than one overeager
    fisher has disappeared into the clacking darkness. never
    to be seen again. Unknown to the folk of Saltmarsh,
    a vampire named Xolec is trapped in a hidden cellar
    beneath one of the old cabins. Xolec was buried in an
    ancient tomb, unleashed on Saltmarsh decades ago
    when his sealed coffin was brought to town by a trader
    and opened. A cleric of St. Cuthbert confronted him, but
    she wasn't able to destroy him. Instead, she trapped him
    here by means of a powerful curse: Xolec can leave the
    cellar only if someone pure of heart carries him from it.
    Xolec is best left trapped, except for one detail: by a
    stroke of fate, agents of the Scarlet Brotherhood use the
    cabin above him for clandestine meetings. He knows the
    full details of their operarion and Skerrin's role in it. He
    trades this information for his freedom if confronted by
    CHAPTER l ''°'I TM -\R~H

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