The Detox Miracle Sourcebook: Raw Foods and Herbs for Complete Cellular Regeneration

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experiences and viewpoints on true healing.

Always seek truth. Open your heart totally to God. If you desire
anything, desire God. All else will come to you. Always be and give love.
Become alive again (in all your bodies) physically, emotionally, mentally and

NOTE: Check Glossary for unfamiliar terms.

Getting Started

10 Ways To Be Successful


s you prepare to use the information presented in this book, here is an
overview. This is what it takes to be successful. These ten principles or
recommendations will help you tremendously in achieving success and the
health and vitality you want from your detoxification and regeneration
process. These points will be covered in depth as you continue to work with
this book.

  1. The diet is your number one key to success. What you eat, drink,
    breathe and what you put on your skin is how you bring the outside
    world in. Study and learn the concepts in this book about a raw food
    diet. The greater percentage of raw fruits and vegetables (salads) you
    eat, the greater your success will be. If you have cancer, a spinal cord
    injury, multiple sclerosis, Parkinson’s or any other chronic or
    degenerative condition, you will want to consume a 100 percent raw,
    “live” food diet of fruits and vegetables (salads) only.

  2. Invite the help of a healthcare professional who has experience in the
    use of raw foods and other natural detoxification procedures, like
    fasting. Especially with illnesses like cancer and other chronic,
    degenerative conditions, it is beneficial to have guidance and support
    throughout your healing process. Ultimately you are responsible for
    yourself, but there are many valuable resources to assist you in
    making this journey into vibrant health.

  3. Find someone who is adept at “reading” the iris of the eye (a science
    known as iridology). This is one of nature’s greatest and, at present,
    only types of soft tissue analysis. It will give you a road map of your
    strengths and weaknesses. It will also indicate your congestive

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