Dictionary of Flowers And Plants For Gardening

(Barré) #1


Tamarix.--Neat feathery plants, very suitable for banks and thriving
at the seaside, as is evidenced by its luxuriant growth along the
parades at Eastbourne. The hardy kinds will grow in any soil, and may
be propagated by cuttings planted in the open either in spring or
autumn. The greenhouse and stove varieties require a soil of loam and
peat. Cuttings of these should be placed in sand under glass. They
flower in June and July. Height, 8 ft. to 10 ft.

Tansy.--A feathery-foliaged hardy perennial, useful for mixing with
cut blooms. No special treatment is required. Height, 11 ft.

Taxus.--See "Yew."

Tecoma.--Ornamental evergreen shrubs of a twining nature, needing a
greenhouse for their cultivation. They require a rich, loamy soil
mixed with a little sand, or loam and peat, and rejoice in shade and
moisture. T. Radicans will grow in the open against a wall, but a
warm situation is needed to make it flower. They may be propagated
by cuttings of the roots placed in sand under a hand-glass, and by
layers. Their flowers are produced in July and August. Height, 6 ft.
to 30 ft.

Telekia.--See "Buphthalmum."

Tellima Grandiflora.--A hardy and very ornamental perennial with round
bronzy foliage and spikes of white flowers at midsummer. It succeeds
best in peat, but will grow in any rich, light soil. To increase it,
divide the roots. Height, 1 ft.

Tetratheca.--Pretty greenhouse evergreen shrubs which produce
pink flowers in July. They flourish in a soil consisting of equal
proportions of loam, peat, and sand. Cuttings of the young wood
planted under glass in a sandy soil will strike. Height, 1 ft.

Teucrium Scorodonia.--This hardy herbaceous plant will grow in any
ordinary garden soil. It flowers in July, and is easily raised from
seed or increased by division. Height, 1-1/2 ft.

Thalictrum.--Hardy Fern-like perennials, suitable for the backs of
borders. They grow well in any light soil from seed sown in spring or
autumn, and may also be increased by division.

Thermopsis Montana(Fabacea).--This hardy perennial produces spikes
of yellow Lupin-like flowers from June to September. The soil should
be light and rich. As the plants suffer by division, it is best to
raise them by seed, which may be sown either in autumn or spring.
Height, 2 ft.

Thladianthe Dubia.--A fine climbing plant with handsome foliage and an
abundance of fine yellow flowers. Quite hardy. Sow on a hotbed early
in spring, and when sufficiently large and strong, pot off, place in a

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