Awakening the Third Eye

(Barré) #1

12.3 Ley lines and earth lines
12.4 What are these lines?
12.5 Energy wells
12.6 Lines and spiritual practice
12.7 Dowsing the lines: the gear
12.8 Learning the eye-belly attitude for dowsing
12.9 Dowsing technique
12.10 Dowsing the lines: do's and don'ts
12.11 The belly signal
12.12 Feeling the lines without rods
12.13 Seeing the lines
12.14 The aura of the dowser
12.15 Diagnosing geopathic stress
12.16 Finding energy wells
12.17 Can one neutralise noxious earth lines?
12.18 A geography of enlightenment

Chapter 13 – Night Practice 1: Theoretical Aspects

13.1 Critical times
13.2 Initiatory death and the mystery of the threshold
13.3 Sleep and subtle bodies
13.4 Angels and the chiselling of the organs of clairvoyance
13.5 Night practice and the etheric body
13.6 Night practice and awareness in the eye (1)
13.7 Third eye flaring – a possible experience
13.8 Night practice and awareness in the eye (2)
13.9 Allow enough normal sleep

Chapter 14 – Night Practice 2: Instructions for the


14.1 If you are reading the instructions for friends
14.2 If you do not have much time

Chapter 15 – Night Practice 3: The Whys and Hows of

the Technique

15.1 Preparation
15.2 Phase 1: exhaling
15.3 Phase 2a: circulating in the body parts
15.4 Phase 2b: awareness and seeingness of the organs
15.5 Phase 3: awareness of the breath and countdowns

Table of Contents

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