The Art of Magic by Moriel Yamanu

(tbbbooks) #1

action, to the Hand. At first glance, it may seem that there is a discrepancy with the Eye-Hand-
Voice System. Clarity and Distinction are qualities of the Eye, and Approach is a quality of the
Hand. They are different entities. What corresponds to the Voice? The methods. The Approach is
the strategy and the methods are the tactics. "What", "whether" and "how" are the questions that
the Occult Disciple should ask himself about each spiritual trial or phenomenon that happens.
We should not take for granted that something is just happening, but try to understand why it is
happening. When something is accepted as impossible, we should not give up, but check if it really
is and what others have neglected to see.


The Magician does not seek happiness, but Completeness. The Magician has no right to be happy.
Being happy is very dangerous. This is a need of the mind that must be maintained constantly and
doing so drains the Energy. The one who is happy cannot serve the Mission. Who is constantly
sad most of the time thinks for himself - he cannot serve either. Only the Art of Magic, through
the Proto-Source (the Flame), will give you a Completeness that no one and nothing can take away
from you. The only way to make your life complete is to place the Flame at the center of your life
and thus become part of the Magic Art. Part of the Ancient Tradition. Think constantly about the
Magic, think constantly as a Magician, not as a person. See everywhere the manifestations of the
Flame and thus you will acquire Completeness. When you achieve Completeness, happiness itself
will run after you, but it will never be able to catch up with you.


The Magician is alone. He is one of a kind. And he feels very comfortable being alone. He doesn't
need other people - just Magic. Magic is his whole life. The Magician has nothing in this world.
Nothing in the world belongs to him. He owns nothing and therefore nothing can possess him.
When the Magician no longer possesses anything, he no longer belongs to this World and gains
unlimited freedom. He no longer lives in the World, but only attends. He is not subject to the laws
of the world. It becomes elusive.
People who have roots in the world and determine their actions and thoughts from other people
will never know the depths of the Art of Magic. They have a career, they have families and
children. They have. They have strong roots in the world. The Magician has no one. He is an
orphan for the World. No home, no family, no friends. He has only the Art of Magic and is ready
to reach the depths of the ocean no matter what it costs him and nothing keeps him in the world of
men. The Magician embarks on a glorious journey without end - he aspires to the Flame. And on
this Path, he constantly takes out and takes out everything unnecessary, until in the end he is left
with Nothing. With Emptiness. Only then he is truly free - he has nothing to lose. He has dedicated
his entire life to the Teachings and the Art of Magic. He has become like the wind - he has no root,
no master, and therefore he can be everywhere and reach the Infinite.

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