The Art of Magic by Moriel Yamanu

(tbbbooks) #1

If we mentally draw a dividing horizontal line to divide the hexagram into two parts, at the bottom
will be: Memory (center), Knowledge (to the left of Memory), and Power (to the right of Memory).
These three Fundamentals are figuratively "immersed" in the ocean, below the surface. They are
a kind of internal phenomena, unmanifested. Of these, Memory occupies the greatest depths. Both
Memory and Knowledge and Power are absolute Measures and are constants that have a center,
but no specific direction. At the top of the hexagram, we have Concentration (top-center), Will (to
the left of Concentration), and Imagination (to the right of Concentration). Will, Concentration,
and Imagination have focus and direction. They are more pronounced, so they are above the
surface of the ocean. Separately, they can be considered as opposing pairs: Concentration creates
Memory. Will builds Power. Knowledge expands Imagination. These are the indirect connections
between the Fundamentals in the Hexagram.


Most people are focused on some assumed future, which is unrealistic and always appears as a
present, which people are not focused on facing. The Magician is concentrated in the past. People
think they know their past, but it's an illusion. One does not remember many details even about his
own life, past, and experience. The Magician recalls all his memories down to the finest detail. All
your dreams. Only then he has control over his life. People remember almost nothing, so they
remain trapped in time. Just as they miss details of their past, they do so in the present. Therefore,
you, who have chosen the Path of the Magic Art, remember what you have forgotten. What could
you have forgotten? You have seen much more than you think, but the World has tamed you and
taught you what to believe and how to think. That's why you forgot what you saw. Until you

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