The Art of Magic by Moriel Yamanu

(tbbbooks) #1

"The fifteenth Mirror said: “And a day will come, when the Flame shall engulf all. Whoever has
become one with the Flame, will shine with It. Whoever hasn’t – will burn in It.”

Book of the Chosen Ones - Visions: 37



The Art of Magic is not so much what you do, but what you do not do. Magic is a very natural
process, which, however, is complex for modern man, due to the fact that people are no longer
natural. Another factor is that people have too much burden, which charges them unnecessarily,
weighs them down and so they lose their lightness. When a person gets rid of all unnecessary
burdens - unnecessary thoughts, feelings, and emotions, he regains lightness and acquires Clarity
in the Art of Magic. This is where the Second Principle and all the Rules that follow from it come


The Magician realizes that there are many Universes and they consist of many layers and levels.
There is no time in these dimensions and there is everything that may or may not be. An endless
"library" with endless options for each situation. Everything you can think of has already happened
in many different varieties, and it will continue to happen. It is happening now. The Magician
simply chooses the appropriate "pattern", concentrates his Intention on it, and breathes life into it.
Makes it Real. In this line of thought, the Magician realizes that he is not creating anything new,
but recreating what is already available. Therefore, there are no impossible things for the Adepts
of the Flame.


People like to make plans - it gives them a sense of power that they don't really possess. Man
cannot even see what is happening in front of him. He fills his heart with ambitions and dreams
and his mouth with promises, and he doesn't even know if there will be "tomorrow" for him. The
Magician has no plan and projects nothing for the future. He doesn't even have a future, he doesn't
have time. He has a Strategy. And his Strategy is to be Flawless at all times. The Magician has no
dreams or ambitions - he has made a final and unconditional choice - he has chosen the Flame. He
no longer needs to plan - the Flame sets him a Mission and everything is infinitely accurate and
nothing is missing. That is why the Apprentice does not plan - he voluntarily gives himself to be
part of a much bigger plan and fulfills his role - to live magically every day, to be the source of the
miracle and a servant of the Hidden in the World of men. To acquire a personal Mission, you must
first leave all plans. A person with many plans is a committed person. He promised to carry out
the plans. He is not free. For this reason, a person with many plans belongs to the World and cannot
become an Adept until he is freed from all his plans. Only then does your new life as a Magician

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