The Art of Magic by Moriel Yamanu

(tbbbooks) #1


People often compare everything they learn or everything they achieve with what other people do.
They compare how their work is accepted and evaluated. That is why most people cannot see the
essence of the Art of Magic - there is no place for comparisons in magic because every Magic Act
is unique. In the human world, nothing is unique. There is no something good or beautiful, there
is only better than something else and more beautiful than something else. The people of the World
have this limitation: they have a picture on the wall and this picture is good for them because they
mentally compare it with other pictures and based on the comparison they think that their picture
is superior to other pictures, and that is why it is good. So when people say that something is good,
in reality, they mean "better" than something else. So nothing has real value. Nothing is really as
it is but always compared to something else. If we follow the example with the picture above, there
are no good or bad pictures for the Magician. When the Magician sees a picture, he does not
mentally compare it with others to say whether it is better than them or not but perceives it as it is,
without making assessments and comparisons. For him, the picture is just a picture. The Magician
feels the feeling behind this painting, the artist's idea, feels the micro-universe of the painting.
There is no good or bad, beautiful or ugly. That is why the Magician sees Reality, and other people
might watch, but they cannot see. Therefore, the Apprentice in the Magical Art must learn not to
seek the approval of people for his actions, but to act in accordance with the Necessity. That is
why all these tales about white and black magicians are fabrications of the Western occult
traditions, largely based on church dogmas and the idea of "what is righteous". There is no such
thing as white and black magic. This is again people's ignorance and their attempt to categorize
and compare things they simply cannot see in their own light. When you act according to
Necessity, you cannot be good or bad, regardless of people's evaluation. That's why don`t seek
people's approval. Stop looking at the picture and finally see it in its own light. Let the picture talk
to itself and tell its unique story.


With tears flaws out the Energy. Every tear you hold back accumulates the source of your strength.
Tears unlock a door to the World that the Magician has already left behind. It is a door to emotions,
feelings, and thoughts from the World. The Magician does not shed tears, but stores this Energy
in himself and transforms it. Apart from tears, he does not allow any other unregulated action,
from which Energy flows - he does not yell or shout, for any reason. Do not waste time in lustful
thoughts and words. If there is a case of physical or emotional pain, the Magician does not
announce this, does not share it with anyone.


The Teachings of the Black Brotherhood are studied not by conversation, but by action, on a trial-
and-error basis. Until you achieve things yourself, they will never become yours. An explanation
alone is not enough. The explanations come after the practical experiments to make a conclusion
and a summary. When the Apprentice in the Magic Art relies on the Principles, any mistakes he
may commit will be scholar's mistakes. This means mistakes that were needed to learn the lesson.
When the Apprentice of the Magic Art is bold, but his actions do not rest on the Principles, then

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