The Art of Magic by Moriel Yamanu

(tbbbooks) #1

To become a Magician, you must live magically. Live to apply the Magic Art in everything you
do. Apply the Art of Magic in everything you do to live. Magic is closely related to time and space.
Magic is not something that you do. It`s something you live. You must be the magic yourself. For
this purpose, the time must be yours. Your mind must be free, not burdened. What is Reality for
you? Doesn't Magic make you feel remarkably real? You're smart. But there are also smarter ones.
You are strong. But there are also stronger ones. How to win? Be on another level. Be what others
cannot. Don't be afraid. Magic makes things happen. Magic arranges events in the right way - only
your ignorance confuses everything. Ritual is the only right action. What gives you Strength?
Keeping a Secret. Meditation is the only right state of mind. Do not wait. Enter the Dark Room.
Light a candle. Close eyes. Antiquity awaits you. The only real future is the return to the Ancient
Homeland. Close your eyes for the World, otherwise, you will not see. When you stop your mind
and feel every day as if you are a child again - you wake up smiling and trembling for all the
magical things that will happen to you during the day and go to bed thinking about the exciting
day ahead - then your whole life will gain magical dimensions.


The Magic Act is a tool. There are no good or bad tools. There are just tools. It is important whether
they are used and how they are used. Magic cannot be white or black. There are no white and black
spells. Magic is just magic. It has a completely neutral character and is completely impartial -
people's minds try to give it color. Black or white is only the human mind. But Magic is like water

  • it will take the form of the vessel in which you place it. It is important who you are. Who performs
    the Magic Act and his Intention. You are the one who initiates the impulse. The one who handles
    magic. It is up to you where you will direct the impulse. The Magician relies on the Principles
    when determining his Intention and the direction of the Magic Act, and not society's understanding
    of right and wrong. Good and evil are categories that the mind likes to work with. Magic has no
    color and at the same time, it is all the colors that can be.
    When we say that Magic is a tool, we must take the appropriate responsibility - to "clean" this tool
    regularly. To use it periodically and to realize that it is an integral part of our Mission. The
    Magician always finds time to advance the Formulas, Spells, Magic Words composed by him and
    to analyze, add, restructure them. This is a kind of magic hygiene that takes its place in the daily
    life of every true Magician. Lack of magic hygiene leads to pollution and laziness. The lazy
    Magician often falls victim to his laziness in a tragic way. The Art of Magic is not for the lazy.
    The lazy man has lost his right to learn anything, much less the Art of Magic.


The Art of Magic and Mathematics are similar in many ways. No one has ever created mathematics
as a science - math principles were found in nature, to serve a purpose, and then organized in
systems of rules. The same is true for Magic Art - it continues to evolve and will always continue
to evolve. We can give an example with the Five Proto-Elements and the Seven Principles and the
mathematical values and operations hidden in them.
Proto Element Darkness holds negative numbers.

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