The Art of Magic by Moriel Yamanu

(tbbbooks) #1

many people found that writing about magic is a very good business. Everything can be explained,
everyone can become a magician, training and apprenticeship are not mandatory and most of all -
everything can be sold. This is the modern concept of magic, which contrasts sharply with the
Ancient Conceptions of Magic Art. Magic is studied with the mind off. In the beginning, when the
Apprentice cannot stop on his own his internal conversation with his mind, the Adept-Magician
who teaches him does so (stopping Apprentice`s mind flaw), and only then the magic lesson is
given. It's like going to a foreign country - if you have important work to do, you first need an
assistant translator to translate for you and teach you the local language. Another important point
is that even if we hypothetically assume that the mind understands some definition of Magic, some
explanation of what Magic is, the mind cannot apply this "knowledge." It is completely
unnecessary. It is not part of the Necessity. The Art of Magic of the Black Adepts is passed directly
to those worthy of it. This transmission of Sacred Knowledge takes place while the Apprentice is
immersed in the Primordial Spring, at first with the help of the Adept. There are also a few who
could study the Magic Art on their own, which is a sign of Chosenness. These are usually, though
not always, Higher Adepts or Masters who have stored memory from previous reincarnations. In
any case, this does not happen by reading books written by semi-initiates or complete ignoramuses:
the methodology, in this case, is quite different - continuous practice, with clearly set goals and
actions on a trial-and-error basis until the Key is found. Everything else is ignorance, the work of
many "smart and intelligent" pseudo-magicians. Fairy tales, science fiction, commercial literature,
and folklore. In short - very nice and completely useless.


We are talking about occult sciences, esoteric knowledge, and magic art. Science can be studied
by many. It can also be studied from external sources. For esoteric knowledge, you have to look
inside the Hidden. Magic Art requires an Adept-Magician. Someone who has real experience,
someone who has been through this path and knows it. A Magician who has something to offer as
a personal experience, not things read from books. But the point is that not everyone can be or
should be taught. The Art of Magic requires talent that few have. That is why the Magician selects
his Apprentices after trials. Sometimes being talented is not enough to bеcome Apprentice. You
have to be exceptional. Unique. To be ready to put your training in the Art of Magic first in your
life. Learning this Art takes more than one life. No one becomes an Adept in one lifetime. It takes
a lot of rebirths, purposeful training, and full commitment. Black Adepts have millions of years
dedicated to the Magic Art. Black Masters have billions of years dedicated to the Art of Magic.
The One will quickly recall the old experience in the present incarnation. He will quickly gain
control of his memory and become what we call Transfusion in Art. The Ancient Image of the
Adept passes through the veil of the Hidden and merges into the Adept in his present incarnation.
Then the Adept loses his personality as a person and is now Ancient. The Ancient sees through the
Flame and acts through the Intention in their primary form. At the same time, the Flame sees
through the Adept, and the Intention acts through the Adept because he is Chosen. Chosen to be
their Servant in Infinity.

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