The Art of Magic by Moriel Yamanu

(tbbbooks) #1

As for the Art of Magic of the Black Adepts, it does not require faith. You cannot believe in the
Flame. The Flame is not something to be believed. The Flame is just the Proto Source, whether
you believe in it or not. Faith is the last barrier before complete destruction. This is because faith
presupposes hope. It involves considering many variants of the "library" of the Shadow Worlds
and "state of mind dimensions", but without actually choosing specific scenarios. Thus, faith does
not change anything, it does not create anything, because it only allows many options, without
actually choosing and putting into action one of them. It's like standing still and just looking around
and saying, "Should I go here now or there?", But you can't decide to act. The Flame cannot be
scientifically proven, but it can be shown, applied, and demonstrated in practice. Not everything
needs to be proven. Do you have to prove the hurricane or do you just know that if it catches you
outdoors, it will take you away? No, you don't need proof. You just know it, and if a hurricane hits
you, you just feel its power on you. Then all wordiness of science vanishes. Power. This is the Key
to knowing the Magic Art. Everyone has Energy - some less and some more, but the Power is
different. Energy cannot work miracles. Power can. Power is only for the Chosen. To become
Chosen you should Choose only and only the Flame once and for all. Only for the Worthy receive
the opportunity to choose. Power can create new Worlds. Energy only sustains these Worlds.
Power can destroy Worlds. It works on very simple principles that even a child can easily
understand. But for the man of the mind, Power is a complex science.
Religion is to believe. The Flame is to know, to be completely convinced, without the need to
believe. Be very careful if you feel the need to believe in something. This is a sign of losing your
energy. How do we regain our Energy? By working with the Sign (Flame) and The Sign of Power
(Pyramid of Razaor). Through Formulas and Rituals.
Touching upon the subject of faith, it is important to point out one of the enemies of the Adept -
this is the mind. What is the connection? Faith is the fortress of the mind. One may mistakenly
think that faith comes from the heart, but there is no such thing. First, your mind asks the question,
"Do you believe in God?" Man says, "Yes, I do." From then on, because of the enthusiasm and
sensitivity of some people, we tell ourselves that they follow God with their hearts. But the
foundation is laid by the mind. God doesn't care at all whether you believe in "him" or not. Nor
whether you are religious and what religion you follow. Religions are just labels, without content.
Whether you believe in God is the wrong question and therefore cannot lead to the right answer.
Let's put the question differently. What comes first in your life? God? Your family? Your career?
Money? If you answer God, are you willing to sacrifice all your possessions, your career, your
family, and what you call happiness, to dedicate yourself only to God? Maybe you weren't sincere
in saying that God comes first. But still, a small percentage were sincere in answering that God is
the most important thing in their life. Well, are you ready to give your life for God, if necessary?
Are you ready to burn alive on the stake? Are you ready to hang on the cross? Not really? So there
are cracks in your love for God... You are not whole. The whole system on which your faith is
based collapses because it is illusory. It's not real.
This "divine" trap must be properly understood and overcome so that the Apprentice can get out
of this system, out of this "enchanted" circle in which he spins and sees no way out. The Adept
does not work with faith, but with Sacred Knowledge, the product of passing trials and their deep

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