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Artists & Illustrators 3``````welcome``````Artists & Illustrators, The Chelsea Magazine Company Ltd., Jubilee House, 2 Jubilee Place, London SW3 3TQ. Tel: (020) 7349 3700. Editor Katie McCabe Digital Editor Natalie Milner Art Editor Alicia Fernandes Contributors Laura Boswell, Jake Spicer, Terence Clarke, Jenny White, AineDivine, Adele Wagstaff, Al Gury, Alice Wright, Sandrine Maugy, Susanne du Toit and Anne Katrin-Purkiss ONLINE ENQUIRIES Advertisement Manager Jack Shannon (020) 7349 3731 jack.shannon@chelseamagazines.comAdvertising Production allpointsmedia & PUBLISHING Managing Director Paul Dobson Deputy Managing Director Steve RossPublisher Steve Pill Finance Director Vicki Gavin Subscriptions Manager Will DelmontDigital Media Manager James Dobson Brand Manager Chatty Dobson SUBSCRIPTIONS Artists & Illustrators,Subscriptions Department, 800 Guillat Avenue, Sittingbourne, Kent ME9 8GU ( 01795)419838 BACK ISSUES ISSN NO. 1473 - 4729``````Which artist’s life would you like to see depicted on the bigscreen? JMW Turner, Edvard Munch and Frida Kahlo have allbeen reimagined for the movies, but entertaining as theHollywood art biopic can be, there always seems to besomething missing – the paintings.Too often the drama and pain of the artist’s story puts theirwork in the back seat. Few painters can lay claim to the dramaand anguish experienced by Vincent van Gogh, and so when I heard yet anotherfilm about the red-bearded master was being made, I felt a sense of dread.Taking matters into my own hands, I visited the film’s studio in person, andwas amazed by what I found. Loving Vincent is set to be the first ‘fully-paintedfeature film’, which means that dozens of oil painters have been employed topaint every frame, creating an animation through their brushstrokes. Van Gogh’sstory will be told in the style of the very portraits he created. The film is still inproduction, and we had a chance to speak to the artists who are making ithappen, find out more on page 18. Better yet, you can learn to paint in the artist’sremarkable portrait style with the help of Terence Clarke on page 60.Look out for the next issue of Artists & Illustrators on 15 July.Katie McCabe, Editor``````Write to us!Which artist do you thinkdeserves their turn on the bigscreen? Let us know via email orsocial media...``````info``````@AandImagazine``````ArtistsAndIllustrators``````AandImagazine``````AandImagazineWHAT DO WE REALLY KNOWABOUT VINCENT VAN GOGH?Eds Letter & Contents final.indd 3 09/06/2016 09:

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