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RIGHT Jimson Weed/White Flower No. 1,1932, oil on canvas,121x101cm``````LEFT Rita Pynoos, 1st,2nd March 2014,acrylic on canvas,121x91cm``````8 Artists & Illustrators``````Georgia O’KeeffeThe theory that O’Keeffe’s flower paintings wereclose studies of the female anatomy was first putforward in 1919 by Alfred Stieglitz, thephotographer who first promoted O’Keeffe’s workand later became her husband.Despite O’Keeffe’s six decades of vigorousdenial that her paintings were in any way sexual, itremains a commonly held assumption to this day.This exhibition hopes to challenge this clichédinterpretation, perpetuated by male art criticsalmost 100 years ago, and look at her work withfresh eyes, exploring her relationship with music,photography and the landscape. It will open withthe charcoals that O’Keeffe first exhibited in 1915and end on more abstract river paintings from theearly 1960s.The first major British exhibition of the Americanmodernist’s work for more than 20 years, thiscollection hopes to prove that her seven-decadelong career was about so much more thansupposedly ‘scandalous’ flowers.Georgia O’Keeffe runs from 6 July to 30 Octoberat the Tate Modern, London, SE1.``````David Hockney RA: 82 Portraitsand 1 Still LifeIn the 1960s, David Hockney found light andfreedom in Los Angeles and while studying itsazure swimming pools, became one of the city’smost famous painters.Hockney’s recent return home to paint inYorkshire was an interesting experiment for his art;a retreat from the modernity he became famousfor. Now he is in LA again and the joyous coloursand casual fun of this selection of portraits,suggest he is home again. Vibrant, observant andfull of life, these 82 portraits and single still life,which Hockney considers as one body of work,have all been executed over the last two-and-a-half years in the artist’s LA studio.Hockney’s subjects – all of whom were invitedby the artist to sit for him – include friends, family,acquaintances and staff.Each portrait was created within the specifictime frame of three days, which Hockneydescribed as ‘a 20-hour exposure’. The portraitsare all painted on the same size canvas(121x91cm) with each of the subjects seated inthe same chair against a neutral background.David Hockney RA: 82 Portraits and 1 Still Liferuns from 2 July to 2 October at the RoyalAcademy, London, W1J.``````© DAVID HOCKNEY. PHOTO CREDIT: RICHARD SCHMIDT``````CRYSTAL BRIDGES MUSEUM OF AMERICAN ART, ARKANSAS, USA PHOTOGRAPHY BY EDWARD C. ROBISON III © 2016 GEORGIA O’KEEFFE MUSEUM/DACS, LONDON7 Exhibitions.indd 8 09/06/2016 11:

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