Inside Islam: A Guide for Catholics

(Jacob Rumans) #1

Jesus is Allah’s slave and His

Messenger and His Word (Be! — and

he was) which He bestowed on Mary

and a Spirit created by Him, and that

Paradise is the truth, and Hell is the

truth, Allah will admit him into Paradise

with the deeds which he had done even

if those deeds were few.’ ’’

[ 3 ]Most of these prophets are unknown

today since the Koran confines itself

almost completely to mentioning

Biblical prophets only. Yet it says that

Allah sent ‘‘messengers We have

mentioned to you before and

messengers We have not mentioned to

you’’ (Sura4:164). Although the names,

nations, and eras of these prophets are

not mentioned in the Koran, belief in

them is required for Muslims.

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