Inside Islam: A Guide for Catholics

(Jacob Rumans) #1

Gabriel [Jibreel]. Muslims identify

Gabriel, of course, as the angel who

brought the Koran to Muhammad. That

book calls him a ‘‘trustworthy spirit’’:

‘‘The Trustworthy Spirit has brought it

[the Koran] down upon your

[Muhammad’s] heart that you may be a

Warner, in the plain Arabic language’’

(Sura 26: 193–195). Gabriel is also

called ‘‘an honored messenger’’ (Sura

81:19), which is a title often given to the

prophets themselves in the Koran;

‘‘Mighty in Power, endued with

Wisdom’’ (Sura 53:5–6) and even ‘‘the

Holy Spirit’’ (Sura 16:102).

[ 5 ]As in the Bible, the fall of the angels

in the Koran is related to the creation of

Adam and Eve. But the Koran takes the

substance of its teaching about the

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