Earths Forbidden Secrets By Maxwell Igan

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how much trouble and effort is actually gone to in order to stifle their information and perpetuate
what appears to be, an enormous myth that is being currently presented to us as historical fact.
The real truth of the matter is that almost every continent on earth can lay claim to some
strange or unusual relic from the past that cannot easily be explained by either Academics or
Theologians. Many scholars have attempted to explain away or quietly dismiss such enigmas off
handedly but there are simply too many that have been found and even more that continue to be
unearthed that just cannot be explained away.
Where then, did all these things come from?
Do we need to know? Are they all nothing more than a collection of interesting and
unexplained “oddities” from a past that is largely unimportant to our future lives, or is there
actually something of benefit, or even great importance, that we can learn from them?
Was there a real reason for the people of old to have gone to such a ridiculous amount of effort
to create the many intricately detailed works of such amazing precision that have been recovered,
or to build such incredible structures? Could there be some message contained within the
structures of these Ancient Places that we may be missing? If these ancient structures were really
designed purely as Temples then it certainly seems that these people went to an awful lot of
trouble to build them and to make sure we would notice their work. Or could it be that many of
them were perhaps something other than merely temples or fortresses?
When examining some of these structures it seems inconceivable, almost incomprehensible the
people who lived in our distant past could possibly have ever created such enormously impressive
stone monuments and delicately tooled items, but somehow, they are there – and we’re not just
talking about a couple of odd items here either, there are absolutely hundreds of them in all
shapes, sizes and forms. Ancient Monuments, Sunken ruins, Incredible Pyramids, strange and
‘out of place’ artifacts of a scientific or mechanical nature, and even odder things, in almost all
countries, right across the entire expanse our globe.

Thankfully, in recent years a number of very reputable scientists, mathematicians and
archeologists have begun to realize that things are quite simply not what they have seemed and
are beginning to explore some of the more radical possibilities of mans beginnings that evidence
has suggested. In this time several new fields of study have also opened up within the science
community. Undoubtedly one of the most intriguing of these fields must surely be the study of
‘Ooparts’ or ‘Out-Of-Place-Artifacts’ though often the study of these Ooparts can present a good
deal more questions than it can answers.
Before the study of Ooparts was recognized as a genuine (though still highly criticized) field of
study, such items were usually considered merely as curio’s or archeological oddities. An out of
sight, out of mind approach was invariably adopted towards any such artifacts and they were
quickly locked away or, in acts of gross irresponsibility, dumped at sea before anyone noticed, so
as not to rock ‘the archeological, anthropological or historical boat’, so to speak. Many such
artifacts are rumored to have been dumped off the coast of America by the Smithsonian Institute

  • after all, who wants to re-write all those history books? Such out of place artifacts were usually
    deemed ‘painful’ or ‘time wasting’ because they invariable provide evidence that is contrary to
    the orthodox tenet we are presented with, and they raise far too many questions for the closed
    minded. They can be the most intriguing questions too. All of these artifacts ultimately question
    our past as they simply don’t belong where they were found and definitely don’t fit in with in
    with what we “know” to be mans history. Yet here they are, right before our eyes. For example:

How could ancient Jewelry bear evidence of electroplating?
How could a stone slab and set of earplugs from the Aztec era bear the signs of being machine
cut at a time when there were supposed to be no machines?
How can there be ancient maps that accurately show the Antarctic coast and continent, free
from ice, hundreds of years before it was even discovered?
How could a lump of coal have a delicate gold chain trapped inside?

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