Earths Forbidden Secrets By Maxwell Igan

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Even when the earth was still believed to be flat, man had knowledge of the zodiac and
precession of the equinoxes. Precession is the result of a slow axial wobble the earth mainyains as
it travelles around the sun so how could that possibly be?

This fact alone presents substantial evidence that our history may not be really what it seems.
And if our history really is substantially different to what has been presented to us - and may truly
hold significant information in regard to our future as the evidence seems to suggest, then why is
the real information being withheld from the general public?
It is one of the intentions of this book to examine many of these subjects and the urgent
significance it holds for us all. But be warned, to properly answers to these questions, we have to
be prepared to assimilate a vast amount of data and to look outside of the orderly academic
framework we have been given of our history.
We must also be prepared for the moment, to objectively look outside of any currently
prevailing religious belief system we may embrace and attempt to examine all of the evidence
with an open mind before blindly believing any doctrine.
Please understand at this point that it is not my desire to attack any religion or creed during the
course of this book, nor do I wish to diminish anyone’s personal religious beliefs, my sole
intention is the presentation of facts and an examination of the implications that are presented to
us through a rational assimilation of evidence. For those of you who are religious, I ask to
remember before dismissing any of this evidence offhandedly that Jesus himself said: “The Truth
shall set you Free!”
If any person reading this belongs to a religious organization that rests on a foundation so frail
that it cannot be faced by the facts and hard evidences that will be presented during the course of
this work then I would suggest that it may be prudent for them to examine their surroundings and
consider the sad possibility that their faith may have been misplaced. Especially those poor
unfortunates belonging to the new wave of unbelievably misguided radical Islamic groups who
somehow mistakenly believe they are doing ‘the will of Allah’ while in fact twisting the words of
their own faith beyond recognition and blowing themselves and others up in the unfathomably
deranged belief that mass murder leads to paradise and they will be ‘gwine up t’ hebben’ if they
kill those who embrace a different belief system. But then most such individuals are usually
banned or prevented from reading anything that may interfere with their doctrine anyway.
Radical religious extremism seems to have been in our world since the onset of religion, either
from one side or the other. Of course back in the 15th century it was Christian suicide bombers
like Guy Fawkes trying to blow up London and not those who embrace Islam, but the same
extremist misinterpretation of doctrines was evident even then.

In any serious attempt at discovering the real truths to our past differences of Religious opinion
should be set aside and there is no piece of information that should be left out. Not anything. No
ruin, artifact, doctrine, myth, legend, fossil, Oopart or otherwise, should be considered too small
or insignificant to be included in the puzzle and examined for its relevance. For without all the
evidence, discovering any real answers to our past without contradictions would not be possible
and be no more than another fanciful theory.
But the thing is, my intrepid reader, when you really get involved in the topic and look at what
data actually does exist – much of it in the form of hard physical evidence, that completely and
utterly dissolves both our Academic and Theological views of history – you see it re-enforced by
a myriad of ancient texts; then you witness the extraordinary lengths that some Governments and
both the Academic and Religious communities at large are willing to go to, just to keep the
information out of the public eye, it becomes very hard to keep the word “conspiracy” from
springing to mind. And you can forget the media.
Naturally, I’m well aware that whenever anyone mentions the word conspiracy these days,
especially when referring to the science or archeological community, they are walking on very
thin ice and toying with their own credibility. The modern world tends to be very skeptical about

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