Cardiovascular Fitness Procedures Manual

(coco) #1

readiness questions while the SP is putting on his or her shoes or engaged in any other activity. You

should have the SP’s full attention when you are asking these questions to ensure that he or she is

listening and understands what you are asking.

3.5 Determination of Physical Activity Readiness Code

Each SP will be assigned an exercise protocol based on his or her sex, age at interview, body

mass index, and a Physical Activity Readiness (PAR) Code. The PAR Code is determined by a series of

questions to approximate the amount of time spent in physical activity per week over the past year. See

Section 3.5.1 and 3.5.2 for the English and Spanish version of these questions.

„ Wait until the SP has his or her shoes on and is ready to listen to your questions. It is
important that you read the questions clearly and that this is the only activity you and
the SP are doing. Make sure that the SP is listening to you and make frequent eye
contact while administering these questions.

„ Read the introductory sentence and the first three questions completely before
accepting a response.

„ If the SP gives a response before you have read all three options, tell the SP that you
are required to read all three responses before he or she gives an answer.

„ If the response is refused or ‘Don’t Know,’ the SP is excluded from the exam. The
component status would be set to ‘Not Done’ with the comment ‘Unable to calculate

3.5.1 Questions to Determine PAR Code: English Version

First Level of Questions

„ I am going to ask you several questions to describe your typical physical activity
level. Please try to answer as accurately as possible. Please wait until I read all three
questions before you give me your answer.

  1. Would you say that you did little or no regular recreation, sport, or physical

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