(Lars) #1

5 Talent Sprouts by Rosemary Laughlin

9 What Does a River Rock Gather?
by Buffy Silverman

10 In Search Of... by Joan Lennon

16 Eureka! The Boats That Helped
Win World War II by Erin Levens Cundiff

23 Left Behind by Susan Hall

28 Elizabeth Walker: The First Woman Doctor
by Richard L. Mattis

32 Cricket Readers Recommend

33 Tall, Wide, and Piercing Eyes
by Ariane Sroubek

39 Different by Robin Roberts

2 Letterbox
4 Cricket Country by Carolyn Digby Conahan
22 Ugly Bird’s Crossbird Puzzle
45 Cricket League
46 Cricket and Ladybug by Carolyn Digby Conahan
48 Old Cricket Says

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