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Grapes have over 1,600 natural plant
Research into the potential impact to our health when
consuming grapes suggests that the whole grape—
which contains over 1,600 natural plant compounds,
including antioxidants and other polyphenols—offers
a range of intriguing health benefi ts when included in
our daily diet.

Grapes are heart-healthy
Grapes are a heart-healthy addition to your diet.
In two studies conducted at the University of
Connecticut, researchers found that adding grapes
to the diet every day supports a healthy heart.
Women who consumed 1¼ cups of grapes every
day reduced blood triglyceride levels, LDL cholesterol
levels, infl ammatory proteins and other markers of
heart disease.* Men with metabolic syndrome who
consumed 1½ cups of grapes every day reduced
blood pressure, improved blood vessel function and
decreased a key marker of infl ammation.**

A whole bunch of healthy
Scientists at some of the nation’s most prestigious
research institutions continue to study the potential
health benefi ts derived from eating grapes every
day. California’s fresh grape farmers are committed
to supporting continued research on grapes and their
impact on heart health, eye health, brain health, joint
health and cell health. For now, just remember to...

Go with grapes every day for

a whole bunch of healthy.

women by lowering plasma lipids and reducing oxidative stress. Journal of Nutrition, 135, 1911–1917.
**Barona, J.; Aristizabal, J.D.; Blesso, C.N.; Volek, J.S. & Fernandez, M.L. (2012). Grape polyphenols reduce blood pressure and increase fl ow-mediated vasodilation in men with metabolic
syndrome. Journal of Nutrition, 1–7.


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