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(Barré) #1
worn and lovely, and has been with
me for so long that it’s mentioned
in my will as an heirloom).
Then came almost my favourite
part of the build: removing the
masks on the clear bits – the final
reveal. The Heinkel delivered
this in spades, and with virtually
no paint having crept under the
tape, it really started looking
like what it was meant to be.
Antenna, pitot head, landing
light, etc., were all attached in
their turn, along with the mount
for the upper gun. A word of
warning here: parts D2-25 (upper
gun mount) and D2-28 (gunner’s
seat?) are quite impossible to
remove from the sprue without
breaking, as the plastic is fragile
and brittle. I would recommend
fabricating replacements from
0.5mm wire, while they are
still intact on the sprue so as to
match the shape accurately.
And lastly, I re-attached the
two waist guns which I had broken
off during the latter stages of
the build: yes, both of them!

ICM have come up with a fantastic kit
of a historically important bomber,
and it is as fine as anyone could ask
for. The engines and interior will
satisfy most modellers as-is, and

there is plenty of scope for those who
wish to add improvements, either
by scratch-building or by purchasing
the inevitable aftermarket sets.
And ICM have done all of this at a
rock-bottom price! I can think of no
other kit producer who currently
gives such amazing value for money.
The ICM He-111 is a model
which I can recommend to anyone,
regardless of their experience or
expertise. The build
was stress-free, with
only my special
variations on idiocy
causing me difficulties.
Out-of-the-box this
kit is a fine tribute to the
Luftwaffe bomber crews,
who were surely just as
courageous as those of Bomber
Command or the 8th Air Force.
Now, where did I put that
ICM Dornier Do215?


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