4WD Touring Australia – June 2018

(Ben Green) #1
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The Blue Rag Range Track is perhaps

the most iconic in the whole Victori-

an Region. An attempt is necessary

for any traveller hoping to conquer

the mountainous region. The track

snakes through 140km of ridges and

plateaus between Bright and Mt St

Bernard. Visitors should factor in a

whole day for a crossing and expect

to engage low range. High clearance

vehicles are requisite.

The best seasons to access Blue

Rag are spring and summer for wild-

flowers and clear weather, or autumn

for a blustery, raw experience. Track

closures are common in the region

during winter, but can occur any

time between May and November.

Fuel and supplies are available in

Bright, Harrietville and Porepunkah,

while the longest distance between

fuel stops is 160km between Bright

and Harrietville.

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