Australian Business & Money Making Opportunities — May-June-July 2017

(Ben Green) #1

threshold can vary from program-to-pro-
gram and can be anywhere from $5 to
$100 and in some cases if you do not meet
the terms (within 120 days as an example)
you would forfeit your affiliate earnings. I
would recommend learning the terms
before joining any program no matter how
great the initial profit model looks.
Are the products you want to become
affiliated with profitable and easy to
process? This might be a very good ques-
tion to ask your-self. Keep an eye out for
shockingly high commissions, yes, some-
times Internet marketing is like pyramid
schemes and if an affiliate program sounds
too good to be true, it probably needs a
closer look.
Make money type of products and
MLM. I am sure you know someone in
one of these product categories, maybe
they are even making money. Don’t do it.
Move in another direction, the statistics
and numbers don’t lie. These type of pro-
grams work on your greed and in many
cases do not provide a products that justi-
fies the potential. Do your homework.




This is the questions you need to
determine yourself. With each comes their
own set of pros and cons. With a reseller
program you might have more of a stand-
alone business that you can grow over
time, however an affiliate program is easy
to get started for free in many cases and
can be a great part time business or second

Here is some statistic to reflect upon
while you consider your options:

  • Affiliate marketing spend nears $
    Billion in the U.S.

  • Affiliate marketing drives a whopping
    1% of the country’s total GDP in the

  • Approximately 15% of all digital
    media industry’s revenue comes from
    affiliate marketing.

  • In 2016 over 80% of brands utilise
    affiliate marketing.


Many reseller and affiliate programs
will charge a setup or account fee to get
started, and yes this is very common.
Reseller programs that offer you a great
program, support, even white-label client
support to assist and help your clients for
you on your behalf. This can be a fantastic
situation and can allow you to operate
your own business and have it fully sup-
ported by your affiliate reseller company. I
find digital products that are in high
demand, that also offer your clients sup-
port on your behalf are some of the best
most effective programs.

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