Chat It’s Fate — August 2017

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10 Chat it’s fate

Dear Jenny


f I go near a body of
deep water, I freeze
and won’t go any
further than my knees.
Should anyone offer to
teach me to swim, I refuse
to lift my feet from the floor!
Tina, 39, Frome, Somerset

Dear Tina
In 1921, you were a young It girl called
Pamela. You suddenly fell overboard from a
ship where you were partying. You drowned because of the
heavy clothes you were wearing at the time and the fact that you
couldn’t swim. Panic sets in whenever your feet leave the ground
as you expect to be tangled up in material. The answer is to start
in very shallow water where you can touch the bottom with your
hands and slowly ‘walk’ on them through the water, while your
body and legs float along behind.

Dear Jenny


ver the last couple of years,
people have come and
gone in my meditation group.
However, one of us was told that
we had all met in a previous life
way back in ancient times.
Julie, 51, Bournemouth, Dorset

Dear Julie
If possible, your group should organise a
trip to Mount Shasta in Northern California.
You’ll find that all but two of you were once
Lemurians, people of a mystical land. They used their mastery of energy,
crystals and sound vibrations to build an underground city to preserve their
culture. These were lost when Atlantis sunk. On this trip, you’ll meet many more,
both living and dead, whom you’ll recognise. This’ll make your group more special.

Dear Jenny


uring a past life
regression years ago,
I felt a pain in my right
shoulder that didn’t leave
me. Years later, I saw a
healer who removed
a psychic spear head
from me but I still
suffer slight pain.
Katie, 35, Essex

Dear Katie
You’ve not one but
two spear wounds,
and you still need the
second spear head
removed. This
happened 4,
years ago – you
were stabbed from
back to front and
from front to back,
with two spears, as a
ritual punishment. If
you’d known all this,
I’m sure you’d have
gone back to the
therapist. You must visit one now and get this
other virtual spearhead removed.

A spear was

in my body



I can’t


the plunge

We go

way back



ou were adored in your past life, able to get
what you wanted. In this one, you’ll be
creative, clever, sweet and able to charm the
birds off the trees if you put your mind to it.
Be aware that you can also use all that to
help others, which if you think about it, is
what would fulfil you the most.
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