Chat It’s Fate — August 2017

(Brent) #1
it’s fateit’s fate


was a little

Rosie Jo


Little family:
We miss
Rosie Jo

Joanne Tennick, 31, from Thurcroft, Rotherham

My precious baby girl

came here for a reason

14 Chat it’s fate

At 28

weeks, I had

a vivid dream

I couldn’t


On borrowed

time, we


kissed and

loved her





et’s start trying for
a baby,’ I declared to
my hubby Jonathan,
then 26.
Except, a year on,
in July 2011, we’d no success.
Diagnosed with
polycystic ovary
syndrome, I was
prescribed tablets to
help. Sadly though,
in May 2012,
I had an ectopic
pregnancy, and
miscarried at
six weeks.
But then, in
March 2013...
‘I’m pregnant!’
I announced.
We were delighted,
but nervous.
Due to my ectopic, I’d
an early scan at six weeks.
I gasped, amazed at the
life growing inside me.
Still, I was anxious.

Little arms
A midwifery support
worker, seeing babies
arrive daily was
wonderful, but I
witnessed tragedy, too.
It played on my mind.
At our 20-week
scan, our baby was
showing as healthy. Yet,
I suffered nightmares.
One took place in

a spooky haunted house.
No matter which door
I ran to, I couldn’t escape.
Then, around 28 weeks, I
had a vivid dream I couldn’t
shake. I’d just had a
Caesarean, Jonathan was
with me, and I
was cradling a
baby girl with a
gorgeous shot
of black hair.
‘It’s fine she’s
just got little
arms,’ I said
aloud in
the dream.

A girl

Then, I woke with a
jolt. What did it mean?
I confided in Jonathan.
‘Just a panic

dream,’ he
Thankfully, on 25
November 2013, Pippa
arrived safely. Healthy.
Then, when she
hit 11 months, I’d
a familiar feeling
in my tummy...
I couldn’t be...
Could I?
At 16 weeks
pregnant, we
decided to go for
a private scan to
discover the sex.
There, our
bubble burst.
‘The baby’s legs
are measuring two weeks
shorter than expected,’
the sonographer said.
We didn’t even take in
we were expecting a girl.
Dazed, we went
straight to Bassetlaw

Hospital where
tests revealed
our baby had a
rare form of brittle
bone disease.
‘She’ll likely die in the
womb or soon after,’ the doctor
said, offering a termination.

Meant to be
That night, we wept.
Then, it hit
me... my dream!
‘I think I’m
meant to have
her,’ I breathed.
‘We should
give her a chance,’
Jonathan agreed.
As my bump
grew, I prayed
for a miracle.
And, like my
dream, Rosie Jo
survived a Caesarean
at Royal Hallamshire
Hospital on 16 September
2015, weighing just 4lb 10oz.
My mum Sue, 59, looked
after Pippa while Jonathan
was at my side.
What struck me first was


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