Diabetic Living Australia – July-August 2019

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I feel like diabetes is really
hard work and I’m just
not coping. It’s getting on
top of me and I feel angry
about it. Is this normal?
Rachel says: This can
be a normal part of
dealing with the day-
to-day management of
diabetes. Because diabetes
is a chronic condition,
meaning it is long-term,
it can feel like a burden.
There is a common
condition called ‘diabetes
distress’ and health
professionals are on the
lookout for this with
their patients who have
diabetes. There is help
available and it is highly
encouraged that you speak
to your health professional
about how you are feeling.
It is important to find
a health professional who
has the time to listen,
so you can share your
concerns and feelings
and discuss ways to help.
There may also be a
support group in your
area that you can join.
Often it’s a good way to
share experiences and
find out from other
people with diabetes
that you’re not alone.
Rachel Freeman, diabetes educator
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After following 130 participants for
eight years, researchers concluded
women who dance frequently are
associated with a 73 per cent lower
chance of disability, and further
lower their risks of dementia.
Their study was published in the
Scandinavian Journal of Medicine &
Science in Sports and found that
performing choreography to music,
and dancing, challenge such things as
strength, endurance, concentration,
balance, memory and motor skills.
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drumming and dancing spectacular,
the Royal Edinburgh Military Tattoo,
will be performed at Sydney’s ANZ
Stadium in October. For tickets,
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’til your heart’s content
diabetic living JULY/AUGUST 2019 11
Do you get anxious
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