Farmer’s Weekly – 23 August 2019

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Hillbilly Homes LIFESTYLE

Dear Jonno
Thank you for the sketch.
At a glance, there are some
things that need changing.
We don’t want a garage now
as we will build one later.
The spare bedrooms are too
small. Could they be 3,9m x
4m, like the original plan?
I can’t see the gun safe.
We would like a shower
as well as a bath in the
main bathroom.

The porch at the back
should be just a small
overhang to protect the
scullery door from rain.
The other porch close to
it is likely to be used for
the dog baskets, so that
will need a roof and
perhaps a half-wall.
We would like the veranda
to be 4m wide, please.
Kind regards,

Dear Jackie,
Thanks for your further ideas.
I have adjusted the bedroom sizes
to 3,9m x 4m , but had to place
them at the house-end to fit
into the width of the house and
the roof structure. The study
has been moved forward to be
part of the central living area.
The doggy porch is now wider
on the one side to accommodate
the kennels. It has 1m-high side
walls and a fold-back wire gate.

Your en suite bathroom is
now larger to accommodate
both shower and bath. All
cupboards shown are inclusive
of the indicated room sizes.
The gun safe can be at the
junction of the WC and basin
of the m ain bedroom.
Please let me know of any styling
features you may want to change,
especially the roof. I’ve kept the
home cost-effective to build.
Kind regards, Jonno

Tweaks to an existing plan

Floor plan:
179m^2 with
veranda & porch

23 AUGUST 2019 farmer’sweekly 51

Jonno Smith is a registered architect.
Email, or phone
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Please provide details of the
proposed development. JONNO SMITH
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