Farmer’s Weekly – 23 August 2019

(Kiana) #1


Coffee has become almost
an obsession in our culture,
and its health benefits are
frequently extolled.
Drinking coffee in moderation
has been shown to be good for
the brain. A study of 676 people,
published in the European Journal
of Clinical Nutrition, found
that regular coffee drinkers
demonstrated less brain decline
over a 10-year period than those
who avoided drinking it.
It is thought that coffee slows
down the development of ‘fuzzy
memory’ as we get older.
Interestingly, the whole coffee
fruit is more potent than the
beans. An extract of the bright
red, tasty fruit of Coffea arabica
is one of a few substances
that have been shown to
increase levels of brain-derived
neurotrophic factor (BDNF).
This protein stimulates the
growth of new neurons and
synapses in the brain, regardless
of age. This, in turn, helps to
ensure better memory, faster
thinking and sharper focus.
As a bonus, the C. arabica shrub
makes an attractive garden plant,
with its shiny green leaves and
sprays of pretty, white blossoms.

Unfortunately, eating normal
amounts of the fruit is unlikely
to increase BDNF significantly.
However, NeuroFactor , a
concentrate made from the
whole coffee fruit, is the first
natural compound that has
been shown in studies to
boost BDNF in humans.

  • Johanita Louw farms vegetables
    and has had a lifelong interest
    in holistic nutrition. Email her
    Subject line: Holistic health. ▪FW



Bene ts of

coffee fruit




I am an active widower of 75, and
a non-drinker and non-smoker.
My interests include animals,
gardening, reading and music,
mainly classical. I would like
to hear from ladies who share
my interests to some extent.
Pharma, 3201

I’m an empathetic, retired widow
in my 60s, with an admin,
entrepreneurial and creative
career path, a tertiary education
and my own home, and am
looking for a gentleman of good
character and independent means
to share my life. I love animals
of all kinds, humour and music.
I am not afraid of a challenge.
Wait No Longer, 3290

I am a healthy lady, born in
Germany and now in my 50s,
a non-smoker, and a writer,
consultant, real estate agent
and designer. I am looking for
a serious relationship with a
good man. I love all animals,
wild and domestic, and have
strong homemaking skills from
my background in architecture
and decor design. I long for the
wide open spaces of Africa.
I hope to find my soulmate.
Deutsche Welle, 3290

I am an attractive woman with
blonde hair. I work part-time,
am very active, love music,
and am kind and loving. I’m a
social wine drinker, and enjoy
cooking, and much more.

I’m looking for friendship with a
single man living in Cape Town
or one of the surrounding areas.
He should be in his 60s, honest,
kind, sincere, well-groomed and
a gentleman. Please write to me,
or reply with the contact number.
Cape Town, 7435

A true, loving heart is looking for
a man who also has a true heart.
I believe in living life as a blind
date ... as we need no eyes to see
someone’s heart, goodness, care,
love, respect, loyalty, and all the
fun that comes with romance. I’m
a novice poet and writer, with a
wondrous gypsy romance and
love for a good, romantic guy.
I’m attractive, not a beauty
queen, but passion, fire and
goodness r un through my
body, mind, heart and soul.
If you are craving love for the
rest of your life, please write soon.
You should be very romantic,
loving, good and kind, and
know how to treat a lady. You
may take a drink, but not smoke
at all. No tempers allowed, and
you should be deep in your 70s
or 80s; no younger please. I am
a diamond, a very rare find,
and anxious to hear from you.
Blind Date, 6045


52 farmer’sweekly 23 AUGUST 2019

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