Esprit Bonsai International – August 2019

(Nancy Kaufman) #1
#101 EspritBonsaiInternational - 77

autumn or even winter arrangements, the proportion
dedicated to water is reduced, taking care however
not to mask it completely: without it there is no life ...

Transparent vases
At this time of year it is also nice to work on arrange-
ments in see-through or coloured vases that contrast
or harmonise more with the green of the foliage and
the colours of the flowers. Coloured containers are
mostly in shades that recall water or the sky. Trans-
parent glass containers offer another idea for seeing
plant material from a different perspective, thus mul-
tiplying the creative possibilities.
So let’s dive in and get creative! �

� Night Flight.
Mitsumata wood, orchid,
Anthurium leaves.
Baccarat single-stem vase.

� Milky Way.
Aspidistra flowers, yellow-stained broom
and white lily. Spherical coloured-glass vase.

� Spring Sweetness. Dicentra, and leaves of iris,
Arum italicum and asparagus. Cognac bottle.
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