Esprit Bonsai International – August 2019

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Club and

Text: Marie Albessard
Photos: Cercle montois du bonsaï

“The key words are

conviviality, sharing

and passion”

For 35 years the

Cercle montois du
bonsaï, in Mons,

Belgium, has brought
dozens of bonsai

lovers together. Its
notable exhibitions

attract many new

“We register about 550 entries
for every exhibition,” the vice-presi-
dent added proudly. The exhibition
attracts enthusiasts from a radius
of about 200 kilometres, from both
Belgium and neighbouring France.
In addition, and for the first time,
several bonsai professionals (pot-
ters and wholesalers etc.) were pres-
ent at the event.

An introductory
theoretical course
If this event is an opportunity for
the club to display its achievements,
it is also the moment to attract new
enthusiasts. “We have 42 members
at the moment, but the exhibition

  • A savin juniper displayed at the 2019 June exhibition. allows us to entice new subscrib-

Thirty-five years in
existence cannot but arouse the
admiration of bonsai enthusiasts.
For the Cercle montois du bonsaï
in Mons, Wallonia, with its group of
bonsaists, has been active since

  1. But the forty-odd members of
    the club celebrated this anniversary
    without fanfare, and simply made
    the most of their major exhibition,
    at the beginning of June, to mark this
    important date.

Organised every five years, the
club’s exhibition requires long, hard
work in advance, for the office, for
the members who have to prepare
the trees to be exhibited – 150 this
year – and for the organisation itself.
“Members focus on the exhibition
for six months, preparing their trees
and working on them to show them
to their best advantage,” explained
Jean-Daniel Delattre, the club’s
vice- and future president, as he
will soon take over from Christian
Descamps. This important moment
in the club’s life took place over two
days in conjunction with an exhi-
bition of Japanese dolls from the
personal collection of one of the
club members.



  • The Cercle montois du bonsaï holds a major exhibition every five years.
    This year, it was also the occasion to celebrate the club’s 35th anniversary.

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