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uch like the ocean’s waves are
constant, so is change—especially in
the art world. Now through March 15, Peters
Projects explores the growing market for
women artists in Rising Tide: 12 Women
Artists, which features a dozen contempo-
rary women who are making a splash.
“After being becalmed for decades the
plight of the woman artist—undervalued
in the arts—is finally changing and has
become a rising tide,” art critic, historian
and Rising Tide curator Garth Clark says.
“While it has a way to go, new benchmarks

are being achieved every day.”
Featured artists in the exhibition
include Lynda Benglis, Beth Cavener,
Judy Chicago, Nicole Cudzilo, Lesley
Dill, Carole A. Feuerman, Christine
Nofchissey McHorse, Cara Romero,
Meridel Rubenstein, Kiki Smith, Kukuli
Velarde and Beatrice Wood (1893-1998).
While their disciplines vary, each artist
addresses gender issues in their own
way—from artwork involving satire or
mythology to feminist activism and
assault stereotypes.

“In the gallery, the assembly of photog-
raphy, resin sculpture, tapestries, works
on paper, ceramics and bronze collectively
suggests a new strength and influence of
women artists today,” Clark says.
The variety of work in Rising Tide further
illustrates a key takeaway of the exhibi-
tion—being a female artist doesn’t innately
make you any different from a male artist.
After all, art is a highly individual exercise.
“Eventually, once you get past the fact
that a woman is an artist—aside from
any gender hang-ups you may have

Waves of Change

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