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Carole A. Feuerman,
Miniature Brooke
with Beach Ball,
oil on resin,
12 x 16 x 12"
Kiki Smith, Sky,
jacquard tapestry,
119 x 76½"
Christine Nofchissey
McHorse, Cirque,
micaceous clay,
17½ x 10¼"
Lesley Dill,
Girl Articulated,
sewn lithograph,
29 x 26½"
with that—only the word artist appears,” Clark says.
“I don’t cut slack for artists. When I put a show together,
I want to display great art. Period.”
Coming from a background in ceramics, a sector of
the art industry largely dominated by women, Clark
has a perspective that perhaps many men in the art
world don’t. “The general market can shift toward
male artists, which illustrates a kind of collective inse-
curity about women—that a man would somehow be
more talented in the arts because of his gender. It’s
ridiculously limiting to both sides of the fence,” he says.
“One’s not going to survive well in a fi eld like ceramics
if you don’t have respect for women artists. So, for me,
this transition is easy. If you’ve spent the majority of
your career in a ‘boys club’ gallery that would be a
diff erent story.”
For further proof that times are changing for the
better, Clark mentions Jenny Saville, who set an auction
record for a living woman artist at Sotheby’s London.
Her 1992 painting Propped sold for $12.4 million.
“Of course, skeptics will point to the recent record
by David Hockney for a male living artist,” Clark says.
Hockney’s painting, Portrait of an Artist (Pool with
Two Figures), sold for over $90 million at a Christie’s
auction. “The gap will not be overtaken in a year or
two but prices are moving in the right direction,”
Clark adds. “In the process the canard that works by
women artists do not hold their value is proving false.
Indeed, Mary Gabriel, writing for The New York Times,
states that if one wants to get rich buying art, ‘Invest
in women. More than ever, female artists are breaking
sales records and being recognized for their role in
important art movements.’”
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