2019-03-01 Biology Times

(singke) #1
Biology Times March 19

(a) Thyroxine - Diabetes mellitus
(b) Parathyroid hormone - myxedema
(c) Insulin-Diabetes insipidus
(d) Luteinizing hormone - Failure of ovulation

  1. A childless couple can be assisted to have a
    child through a technique called GIFT. The full
    form of this technique is
    (a) Gamete Internal Fertilization and Transfer
    (b) Germ cell Internal Fallopian Transfer
    (c) Gamete Inseminated Fallopian Transfer
    (d) Gamete Intra Fallopian Transfer

  2. Which one is a correct surgical procedure for
    (a) Castration (b) Vasectomy
    (c) Hysterectomy (d) Ovariectomy

  3. In which era, the origin of life took place?
    (a) Proterozoic (b) Cenozoic
    (c) Mesozoic (d) Precambrian

  4. Which one of the following is not a concept of
    (a) If an organ is used constantly it will
    continuously increase its size
    (b) Environmental pressure causes variation
    (c) Rate and survival of organism is different
    due to variation
    (d) Inheritance of acquired characters
    29.Which of the following is false in case of a
    (a) Variation occur among members of a
    (b) Gene flow does not occur between the
    populations of a species
    (c) Members of a species can interbreed
    (d) Every species is reproductively isolated
    from every other species

  5. Duration of fever occurred by plasmodium
    malariae is .........
    (a) Every 24 hours (b) Every 48 hours
    (c) Every 36 hours (d) Every 72 hours

  6. Delta-9- tetrahydrocannabinol is active
    component of
    (a) Opium (b) Morphine
    (c) Marijuana (d) Tobacco

  7. Recombinant DNA technology is used for the
    production of vaccine for
    (a) Hepatitis B (b) Typhoid
    (c) Tuberculosis (d) None of the above

  8. Which of the following organs helps in
    physiological adaptation in desert rodents
    (a) Spleen (b) Liver

(c) Kidney (d) Lungs

  1. The abundance of a species population within its
    habitat is called
    (a) Niche density (b) absolute density
    (c) relative density (d) regional density

  2. The abundance of a species population within its
    habitat is called
    (a) Niche density (b) absolute density
    (c) relative density (d) regional density

  3. Choose the correct combination of labeling of the
    zones in water in a lake

(a) a-Limnetic zone, b-Profundal zone, c-
Littoral zone, d- Benthic zone
(b)a-Littoral zone, b-Limnetic zone, c- Profundal
zone, d- Benthic zone
(c)a-Littoral zone, b- Profundal zone, c-Benthic
zone, d-Limnetic zone
(d)a-Limnetic zone, b- Littoral zone, c-Benthic
zone, d- Profundal zone

  1. What happens if all green plants on earth are
    (a) There will no changes
    (b) Only herbivores die
    (c) All animals will die
    (d) All weeds get destroyed

  2. All are true for climax community except
    (a) rapidly keeps on changing to reach
    (b) end of the succession
    (c) is in state of equilibrium
    (d) final community

  3. Commercial latex is obtained from
    (a) Euphorbiaceae (b) Acacia arabica
    (c) Tectona grandis (d) Manihot esculenta

  4. Kinds of Deserts noticeable in India:
    (a) The sand desert of western Rajasthan and
    neighbouring areas
    (b) The vast salt desert of Gujarat

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