2019-03-01 Biology Times

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Biology Times (^19)
(c) The high-altitude cold desert of Jammu
and Kashmir and Himachal Pradesh
(d) All the above

  1. Wild life protection was enacted in India in
    (a) 1947 (b) 1962
    (c) 1972 (d) 1992

  2. In almost all Indian metropolitan cities like Delhi,
    the major atmospheric pollutants are
    (a) Suspended particulate matter (SPM)
    (b) Oxides of sulphur
    (c) Carbon dioxide and carbon monoxide
    (d) Oxides of nitrogen

  3. Biomagnification refers to
    (a) Rapid growth due to excessive intake of
    (b) Increase in concentration of non-degradable
    pollutants as they pass through food chain
    (c) Decrease in population size
    (d) Increase in population size

  4. Select one among the following strategies which
    is not a correct approach to reduce global
    (a) Cutting down the trees and increase the human
    (b) Cutting down the use of fossil fuels
    (c) Reducing deforestation
    (d) Improving efficiency of energy use

  5. Effect of today’s radioactive fallout will be
    more harmful to future generation children
    than the present day children. Reason is
    (a) mutated genes are generally recessive
    (b) susceptibility to radiations increase with
    (c) infants are more susceptible to radiations
    (d) all the above

  6. b 2. d 3. d 4. c 5. a

  7. b 7. c 8. b 9. a 10. d

  8. c 12. d 13. a 14. a 15. d

  9. c 17. d 18. d 19. a 20. c
    21. a 22. b 23. b 24. d 25. b

  10. b 27. a 28. c 29. b 30. a

  11. c 32. a 33. c 34. a 35.a

  12. b 37. c 38. a 39. a 40. d

  13. c 42. c 43. b 44. a 45. a

1.Sol: In hyalonema, the root tuft passes as columella
and then forms gastral cone.
2.Sol: Presence of copulatory organs facilitates the act
of internal fertilization in higher animals. It helps
to transfer the male gamete in the cloaca or vagina.
3.Sol: Arthropods are covered with a tough, resilient
exoskeleton of chitin. Generally the exoskeleton
is made up of layers that include chitin microfibers
in a protein matrix or hardened proteins.
5.Sol: Pea is a leguminous plant which has the
symbiotic association with Rhizobium, hence is
capable of fixing nitrogen.
6.Sol: The enzyme carboxypeptidase A is secreted
by the pancreas and is used to speed up this
hydrolysis reaction.
7.Sol:The dental pulp is the part in the center of a
tooth made up of living connective tissue and
cells called odontoblasts.
8.Sol:Due to inadequate amount of albumin in blood
the abdomen appears bloated.
9.Sol:Oxygen is carried in the blood in two forms:
(1) dissolved in plasma and RBC water (about
2% of the total) and (2) reversibly bound to
haemoglobin (about 98% of the total).
11.Sol: Healthy blood pressure in adults is a reading
below 120 systolic or 80 diastolic. Blood pressure
between 120/80 to 140/90 is normal.
12.Sol:In Platyhelminthes (Planaria, liverfluke and
tapeworm) excretory organs are flame cells
which are enlarged terminal ends of capillaries
arising from excretory canals. The lumen of each
flame cell has a bunch of cilia which propels urine
into its capillary vessel
14.Sol: In the pectoral girdle, at point where the
superior and lateral borders of scapula meet,
there is a lateral angle that represents a shallow
articular surface called Glenoid cavity, the head
of humerus articulates into glenoid cavity.
15.Sol:Any break in continuity of bone is called
Fracture.They occur when the physical force
exerted on the bone is stronger than the bone
17.Sol:Meissner’s corpuscles are a type of
mechanoreceptor. They are superficially located
in the dermis. These corpuscles are thus sensitive
to touch and vibrations.
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