New York Post - 13.03.2020

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New York Post, Friday, March 13, 2020

not the only survivor. Paul
(Corey Hawkins) is there
with her to withstand the
elements and fight off per-
sonal demons.
After winning “RuPaul’s
Drag Race,” Sasha Velour
was destined to get her
own series. Here, she takes
you behind the scenes at
her drag showcase.
Elba vs. Block
Idris Elba competes
against professional rally
driver Ken Block in a series
of stunt driving challenges.
Fierce Queens
“Little Fires Everywhere”
star Reese Witherspoon
narrates this nature series
about powerful female ani-
mals, including hyenas and
humpback whales.
Most Dangerous Game
Desperate to take care of
his pregnant wife before a
terminal illness can claim
his life, Dodge Maynard
(Liam Hemsworth) accepts

The annual TCM Classic Films Festival, hosted by
Ben Mankiewicz (left) and scheduled to be held
April 16-19 at several Hollywood theaters, has been
canceled. Ticket holders will be fully reimbursed.

TV Friday

You Betcha!: Former V.P.

candidate Sarah Palin (left), in a pink bear suit,

drew 7.22 million viewers to “The Masked

Singer” for her cover of “Baby Got Back.”

delayed results
Production on the series “Russian
Doll” (starring Natasha Lyonne, right)
“Little America” and “The Morning
Show” has been put on hold.



New streaming service Quibi offers

programming slate of bite-size programs

By robert rorke


ovies aren’t
Broadway just
shut down. So
there must be
time in your
life for a new streaming
service to watch. How
about Quibi (short
for “quick bites”)?
For $4.99 per
month (with ads)
or $7.99 per month

(without ads) you can
watch dozens of seven-to-
ten minute shows designed
to be viewed on your
phone. Last year, the Sun-
dance Channel experi-
mented with this format
with “State of the Union,” a
British series about a
married couple
who stopped at
the same pub be-
fore their weekly
therapy appoint-
ment. The show
won three Emmy
awards; perhaps
the 10-episode se-
ries is the wave of
the future. Quibi’s
first run of pro-
grams debut on
April 6. Here are
some high-

Premiering on April 6
From the brain trust at
Funny or Die comes this
comedy starring Will Forte
and Kaitlin Olson as a cou-
ple who aspire to become
TV home renovation stars
a la Chip and Joanna
Gaines. Their dream is de-
railed when they are kid-
napped by members of a
drug cartel who force them
to renovate their houses.
“Game of Thrones” So-
phie Turner goes straight
from Winterfell to this sur-
vival drama about a young
woman whose plane
crashes on a snowy moun-
tainside. Jane (Turner) is




“Most Dangerous

an offer to participate in a
deadly game where he soon
discovers that he’s not the
hunter, but the prey. With
Oscar winner Christoph
Waltz (“Django Un-
Thanks a Million
Jennifer Lopez leads a
gaggle of Hollywood do-
gooders including Kristen
Bell, Nick Jonas and Kevin
Hart, who bestow gifts of
$100,000 on an unsuspect-
ing individual who must
donate half of it — $50,000
— to someone else, and on
down the line.

Later on:
The Fugitive
Kiefer Sutherland and
Boyd Holbrook star in this
reboot of the classic 1960s
series. Holbrook plays Mike
Ferro, a man trying to clear
his name as a suspect in a
LA bombing case while
evading the cop (Suther-
land) who’s looking for him.

Child’s plaY
HBO Max has cast British actress
Sarah Lancashire (left) to replay the
renowned “French Chef” TV host Julia
Child (right) in a forthcoming series.
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