New York Post - 13.03.2020

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New York Post, Friday, March 13, 2020

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What’s on Tonight

Identity Thief: 7:30 p.m. on
TBS. Jason Bateman,
Melissa McCarthy
(pictured). An accounts
rep discovers that someone
has stolen his identity.


Shark Tank: 8 p.m. on
WABC 7. Mothers pitch
their solution for quiet car
rides with kids; Lori
Greiner (above) is one of
the sharks.


Blue Bloods: 10 p.m. on
WCBS 2. Frank (Tom
Selleck, photo) and Garrett
hope the city will run
better if Mayor Chase can
work better with others.


FridayMarch 13, 2020
Evening SP CF6:30pm 7:00pm 7:30pm 8:00pm 8:30pm 9:00pm 9:30pm 10:00pm 10:30pm 11:00pm 11:30pm
2WCBS^222 CBS News

Inside EditionEntertainment

MacGyver: Team eliminates
hostile rebels.

Hawaii Five-0: Prove

Blue Bloods:Frank and
Garrett try to improve city.

CBS 2 News at

4WNBC^444 NBC Nightly


All Access Lincoln Rhyme: Huntfor the
Bone Collector

Lincoln Rhyme: Huntfor the
Bone Collector

Dateline NBCNews 4 New
York at 11

5WNYW^555 TMZ (R) Extra The Big Bang

WWE Friday Night SmackDown Live. FOX 5 News
at 10


The Big Bang

The Big Bang

7WABC (^777) ABC World
Jeopardy! Wheel of
Shark Tank: The next
(9:01)20/20: Investigative journalists report on various
news stories from around the world.
News (11:35)Kimmel
Live (R)
9WWOR 999 25 Words or
Less (R)
Family Feud
Family Feud
CSI: Miami: Damaged
CSI: Miami: Sadistic killer
takes eyesof women.
Family Feud
Family Feud
11 WPIX 11 11 11The
Dre’s cousin.
Penn & Teller: Fool Us:
Wolfgang Moser. (R)
Whose Line?
Whose Line?
PIX11 Newsat Ten with
Fadal and Chambers
Seinfeld Seinfeld
13 WNET 13 13 13BBC World
The PBSNewsHour Washington
Firing Line Great Performances: An entirely female production of
“Julius Caesar” isset in a women’s prison. (R)
Amanpourand Company
21 WLIW 21 21 21(6:00)News Metro (R) Mack A Place to Call Home (R)Manor Born Mum Death in Paradise Metro (R) BBC World
25 WNYE 25 22 25Report Film Short Film-Maker Lost LA Build Ser To Be Announced: Info unavailable. TBA To Be Announced
31 WPXN 31 3531NCIS:LA NCIS: Los Angeles NCIS: Los Angeles NCIS: Los Angeles NCIS: Los Angeles NCIS: Los Angeles
41 WXTV 41 641Noticiero La rosa de GuadalupeRingo Amor eterno Sin miedo a la verdad Noticias 41 Noticiero
47 WNJU 47 16 12Noticias Exatlón Estados Unidos La Doña Operación Pacífico Noticiero Boxeo TLMD
55 WLNY 55 10 10QueensGirls Girls Dr. Phil: Disciplinary dad. WLNY News at 9PMJudge JudyJudge JudyMike Mike
A&E 46 46 181 (5:00)Live PD (R) (8:07)Live PD: Rewind Live PD
AMC 54 43 231(5:00)Hacksaw Ridge (2016) Raaaa Top Gun (1986):Pilot trainee falls for his instructor. Tom First Blood (1982):Veteran enraged. R
BET 37 54 270(5:30)Roll Bounce (2005): Popular skaters. Bow Wow. About Last Night (2014):Couples take relationship to next level.RTyler Perry’sSistas (R)
BBCAM 71 101 189Trek: TNG Star Trek: TNGRoad House (1989):Bouncercleans up violence-ridden bar. Raaa The Taking ofPelham 123 (2009) Raac
BRAVO 18 44 185Shahs (R) (6:56)Shahs of Sunset (7:58)Shahs of SunsetShahs of SunsetChrisley Chrisley Chrisley Chrisley
CNBC 15 24 102Money AmericanGreed (R) AmericanGreed (R) AmericanGreed (R) AmericanGreed (R) AmericanGreed (R)
CNN 78 25 100Situation Erin Burnett OutFront Anderson Cooper 360° Cuomo Prime Time CNN Tonight with Don CNN Tonight with Don
COM 45 50 190South Park:Casa Bonita. South ParkSouth ParkSouth ParkSouth ParkSouth ParkTosh: People Pleaser(R)Cellar South Park
DIS 49 31 250(6:25)Zombies 2 (2020):Attend prom. BUNK’D Owl HouseRaven (R) Disney Fam (10:05)Coop & Cami AskUnsittable Owl House
DSC 66 27 120 Gold Rush Gold Rush Gold Rush: Tyler takes Parker to rich ground thatboasts large gold nuggets. (11:08)Outback Opal
E! 24 51 196(6:00)Friday (1995):Los Angeles life.RNext Friday (2000):Troublefinds aman. Ice Cube.RFriday AfterNext (2002):Moving out. Ice Cube. Raa
ESPN 28 36 70 SportsCollege Basketball Live. College Basketball: ACC Tournament: Semifinal Game 2 Live. Sports
ESPN2 29 35 74 (6:00)Dail yCollege Basketball:Big 12 Tournament: Semifinal 1 College Basketball:Big 12 Tournament: Semifinal 2 Live.Max on
FBN 43 106 117EveningEd Lou Dobbs Tonight Trish Regan Primetime Wall Street WSJ Large Roundtable Wall Street WSJ Large Roundtable
FNC 44 26 118 Spc.Rpt. The StoryTucker Carlson Tonight HannityThe Ingraham AngleNews @ Night
FOOD 50 97 164Diners (R) Diners (R) Diners (R) Diners (R) Diners (R) Diners Diners (R) Diners (R) Diners (R) Diners (R) Diners (R)
FREFRM 38 49 199 Dr. Dolittle (1998):Talking to animals.aaFamily Guy Family Guy Family Guy Family Guy Family Guy Family Guy The 700Club (R)
FS1 400 99 83 College Bball:Big East Tournament: Semifinal1 Live. Bridge Live. College Bball:Big East Tournament: Semifinal2 Live. Postgame Bball Live.
FX 10 40 53Jumanji: Jungle (2017) Men in BlackIII (2012):Alien assassinates Agent K The Weekly The Weekly Ride Along 2 (2016)aac
HALL 191 240(6:00)A Novel Romance (2015) NRaac Pride, Prejudice, and Mistletoe(2018): Former rivals.One Winter Proposal (2019):Matchmaking friends.
HGTV 64 98 165 Home Town Home Town (R) My Lottery My Lottery My Lottery My Lottery My Lottery My Lottery My Lottery My Lottery
HIST 40 47^128 Aliens(R)Ancient Aliens (R) Ancient Aliens (R) (9:02)Ancient Aliens (R) (10:05)Ancient Aliens (R) (11:05)Ancient Aliens (R)
ID 23 171 123(6:00)Web Webof Lies (R) Fatal Vows Deadly Women (R) Deadly Women (R) Deadly Women (R)
LIFE 62 45 140 Wife Swap Wife Swap Supernanny (9:03)Married at First Sight:Couplesdiscussed. (11:03)Bride &Prejudice
MeTV 33 33 3Flintstones MASH MASH Andy Andy Pyle Acres HoganHogan BurnettP. Mason
MSG 27 87 78MSG ShortsPregame NBA Basketball: New York Knicks at Miami Heat. Live.Postgame MSG 150MSG Shorts
MSG Plus 48 88 80Women’s College Basketball Live. Red Storm Pregame NHL Hockey: New York Islanders at Edmonton Oilers. Live.Post Game
MSNBC 14 23 103Ari Melber Decision 2020 All in with Chris Hayes Rachel Maddow Lawrence O’Donnell The 11thHour
MTV 20 53 210(5:08)Creed (2015): Boxer’s son.aaaa RidiculousRidiculousRidiculousRidiculousRidiculousRidiculousRidiculousRidiculous
NATGEO 65 162 121Lockup Lockup Lockup: Escape attempt. Lockup (10:03)Lockup Lockup: Escape attempt.
NICK 6121 252SpongeBob The Crystal Maze All That (R) SpongeBob SpongeBob SpongeBob Friends Friends Friends Friends
OWN 173 180 145Dr. Phil Dr. Phil:Shared lovers. 20/20 on OWN (R) 48 Hours: HardEvidence 48 Hours: HardEvidence 20/20 on OWN (R)
PARMT 36 56 54Men The Expendables 3 (2014):Expendables vs. Conrad Stonebanks. PG-13aac The Expendables 2 (2012):Revenge mission. Raaa
SNY 26 60 77 Amazin’ Mets Classics: A Blast at the Porch: St. Louis Cardinals at New York Mets.Five Days in Flushing SportsSports
SYFY 17 48 180(6:00)Friday the 13th, PartII (1981)RFriday the 13th (1980): Evil stalks campers. Raac Friday the 13th, PartII (1981): Being stalks camp. R
TBS 83952 Family Guy Hot Ones Identity Thief (2013):A man searches for whostole his life. Raac Ted (2012): Man’s teddy bear threatens relationship.
TCM 82 41 230(6:15)Fifth Avenue Girl (1939) NRaaa The Diaryof Anne Frank (1959):A girl’s diary records Jewish struggle. NRaaa Frank Rememberedaaac
TLC 52 28 139Say Yes (R) 90 Day Fiancé (R) 90 Day Fiancé: Before the 90 Days90 Day 90 Day Fiancé (R) 90 Day (R)
TNT^33751 Bones Bones Thor: Ragnarok (2017):Thor defends Asgardian civilization.aaaa (10:45)The Wolverine (2013)aaac
TVLAND 85 34 241Andy Andy Andy Loves Ray. Loves Ray. Loves Ray. Loves Ray. Men Men Queens Queens
USA 16 38 50Law & Order:SVULaw & Order:SVUDoctor Strange (2016):Neurosurgeon with magical powers.aaac Family Family
VH1 19 52 217CoyoteaacRuPaul’sDrag Race (R) RuPaul’sDrag Race:Improv skills. Coyote Ugly (2000):Singer tends bar.Piper Perabo.
WE 59 42 149LoveAfter Love AfterLockup (R) Love AfterLockup (R) Love After Lockup (10:15)Love After Lockup (11:15)Love After Lockup
YES 53 89 76 MLB Spring Training:DetroitTigersvs New York Yankees.Live. Yankees Nets Pre NBA Basketball Live.
EPIX 595 395Overboard (2018): Boss gets amnesia. My Best Friend’s Wedding (1997)aac (9:45)What Men Want (2019): Men’s thoughts.RMr. Deeds
HBO 511 30 1400 The Shop (7:05)The Outsider (R) Unbreakable (2000):Man’snew powers. BruceWillis. Real Time w/Bill Maher High MaintReal Time
MAX 531 37 1420 (5:40)I, Robot (2004)aaa (7:35)First Man (2018):First human toreach the moon. PG-13aaa Strike Back (10:50)Strike Back (R) Jurassic
SHO 551 32^1365 (6:50)Real Steel (2011):Former fighter designs a robot The Trade:Cargo train. ShoBox: TheNew Generation: Super Lightbout.
SP = Spectrum, C = Cablevision,F = FiOS Movies Sports New
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