The Divergence of Judaism and Islam. Interdependence, Modernity, and Political Turmoil

(Joyce) #1

  1. In Search of Jewish Farmers: Jews, Agriculture, and the Land in
    Rural Morocco 143
    Daniel J. Schroeter

  2. The Moroccan Nationalist Movement and Its Attitude toward Jews
    and Zionism 160
    Dalit Atrakchi

  3. Jewish-Muslim Relations in Libya 173
    Rachel Simon

  4. Where Have All the Jews Gone? Mass Migration from Independent
    Uzbekistan 199
    Alanna E. Cooper

Section III: In the Shadow of the Arab-Israeli Conflict: History,
Ideology, and Political Strategy

  1. Issues of Jewish History as Reflected in Modern Egyptian
    Historiography 227
    Rachel Maissy-Noy

  2. The Road Not Taken: Isḥāq Mūsā al-Ḥusseini and His Chickens
    Hanita Brand

  3. Space as a Demon and the Demon in the Space: Jewish-Muslim
    Relations in the Israeli Space in A. B. Yehoshua’s Literary Works
    Carmela Saranga and Rachel Sharaby

  4. Interreligious Dialogue and the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict: An
    Empirical View 288
    Ben Mollov

  5. Zionism and Judeo-Islamic Relations in the Middle East: Libya’s
    Ideological and Political Position 306
    Yehudit Ronen

List of Contributors 329
Index 337

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