The Divergence of Judaism and Islam. Interdependence, Modernity, and Political Turmoil

(Joyce) #1


This volume is devoted to the intricacies of Judeo-Muslim relations in
the modern period. It attends to the most central topics that shaped and
characterized this relationship from the final quarter of the nineteenth
century to the present time.
We are most grateful to Bar-Ilan University, in general, its Faculty
of Jewish Studies, the Department of Middle Eastern Studies, and the
Aharon and Rachel Dahan Center through its director Dr. Shimon Oha-
yon, for their continuous support including financial assistance. We are
equally thankful to the Lucius N. Littauer Foundation for their generous
grant which enabled us to cope with the vast editing expenses.
Last but not least, we extend our sincerest gratitude to Amy Gorelick,
editor-in-chief of the University Press of Florida, and to Catherine-Nevil
Parker, the project editor. Their support and advice was invaluable. The
outstanding professional editing tasks undertaken at different stages by
Elaine Durham Otto in the United States, and Michael Glatzer in Israel,
transformed the manuscript into a highly readable book.
As this volume went to press one of our authors, Dr. Hanita Brand,
passed away prematurely. She was a dear colleague whose memory we
shall always cherish.

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