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We asked LCBO’s President & CEO George Soleas
to share more about the new Spirit of Sustainability

Why is it so important to you that the LCBO
build on its legacy in this area?
I am proud of our past accomplishments but
saw an opportunity to make sure our social
responsibility efforts are focused and measurable.
Under Spirit of Sustainability, we will deliver on
our promise to support a sustainable future for
our business, industry, and the communities in
which we live and work. I want customers to feel
confident that the LCBO is pushing the industry
in a positive direction. The possibility of what we
can accomplish working together fills me with

How will the LCBO give customers the oppor-
tunity to make more sustainable choices?
Today’s customers are well-informed, and we want
to help guide them toward choices aligned with
their values. Providing information—including
where a product comes from, how it is grown
and how it impacts the soil and the environ-
ment—is something we will be doing much more
of in-store and online.

How is the LCBO encouraging suppliers to be
more sustainable?
Sustainable practices are expected of our supply
partners. The entire industry is moving in a more
sustainable direction and it is an exciting time.
The LCBO pioneered the transition to lightweight
glass, which is often referred to outside our borders
as the “Canada bottle.” Lighter bottles mean
reduced carbon emissions, and we are working
alongside our suppliers and partners to expand
this program to include more products. We will
also celebrate the work and stories of our partners,
who are making great strides to operate in a
sustainable manner, so that others are motivated
to follow suit.

How will the LCBO improve the well-being
of its communities?
We will continue to support charities by activating
the power of our network to raise needed funds.
This spring we are partnering with Evergreen
Canada, a not-for-profit dedicated to finding urban
development opportunities to make our cities
more green, liveable and prosperous.

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The LCBO is no stranger to sustain-
ability. Social responsibility has been
at the core of our mandate for more
than 90 years. But as times change,
one must adapt and grow. That’s why
we have developed a new platform to
engage our customers, partners and
employees on our journey to making
the world a better place. It’s called the
Spirit of Sustainability.

As one of the largest purchasers of
alcohol in the world, the LCBO feels we
have a  responsibility to lead by exam-
ple, improve the sustainability of our
industry, and set new standards for our
partners. With Spirit of Sustainability,
not only will we increase our focus on
the health of the planet, we will do the
same for the well-being of our employ-
ees and communities, and encourage
others to do the same.

At the LCBO, sustainability is more than a buzzword. It’s a commitment that
will benefit everything from the lives of our customers to the health of the planet.
Learn more about this new LCBO initiative called Spirit of Sustainability.


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