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British population are vegan,
most of us are looking to eat more
plant-based meals. The rise in veganism
has encouraged a better understanding
of the diet, and plenty of newly
available foods are providing options
for non-vegans to experiment with.
A common misconception is that
a vegan diet is automatically healthier
because it’s based on fruit and
vegetables. Yet the expansion of vegan
ranges means there are now more
heavily processed vegan products than
ever (just check out the long list of
ingredients on some vegan snack bars,
for instance). Many are high in saturated
fats (several meat-free burgers and
‘dirty’ fries fall firmly into this category).
This is partly because many of these
productshavebeencreatedto mimic

and compensate for the flavours and
textures that appeal to meat eaters.
While they may taste appealing, they’re
not necessarily designed with health as
a priority. So if you’re simply setting out
to replace the saltiness of bacon or the
creaminess of cheese, it won’t be long
before you run into nutritional red lights.

Ready meals to rely on
If you’re seeking out truly healthy
vegan foods or simply want to expand
your repertoire, there are also plenty
of wholesome choices – and this now
includes ready meals for when you’re
busy or fancy a break from kitchen prep.
Our top six explore global flavours and
have genuine nutritional benefits. Most
importantly, though, they offer something
for everyone – so don’t think you have
to be vegan to enjoy our picks.

Per 280g serving O 414kcal O 18.5g fat
O 12.3g saturates O 7.6g sugars
O 18.5g protein O 1.1g salt

Per 400g serving
O 310kcal O 10.2g fat
O 2.8g saturates O 9.2g sugars
O 10.4g fibre O 11.7g protein
O 1.6g salt

Per 380g serving O 275kcal O 2.6g fat
O 0.4g saturates O 7.5g sugars
O 6.6g fibre O 11g protein O 1.2g salt

Looking for healthier ready meals? Trinity Hislop
and the HFG tasting team have pinpointed
nutritious plant-based options worth picking up
from the supermarket or adding to your online shop



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