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Department of Biological Engineering
Division of Comparative Medicine
Director/Tenured Faculty Position
The MIT Division of Comparative Medicine in partnership with the MIT Department of Biological
Engineering, invites applications for the Director, at the tenured faculty level, with a start date of
1 July 2020 or a mutually agreeable date thereafter. Applicants should hold a DVM from an AVMA
accredited veterinary school by the beginning of employment, with demonstrated expertise in a discipline
which applies molecular/cellular bioscience to the study of the microbial/host interface in health and
disease with interests in microbial pathogenesis, microbiome bioinformatics, immunology, oncogenesis,
or pathobiology. The selected candidate will develop and sustain a vigorous extramurally funded research
The Division of Comparative Medicine has three basic missions: education, research, and the provision
of managing and overseeing a comprehensive animal husbandry, clinical, and diagnostic program for all
research animals maintained at MIT. The Director will provide direction and administrative coordination
to facilitate the Division’s role in providing expertise and support to investigators using animals in
to biomedical research; to provide postdoctoral training to veterinarians seeking careers in biomedical
research; develop scientists within the Division who can successfully compete for grants.
The Division, consisting of approximately 180 personnel, has centralized administrative responsibility for
all AAALAC accredited facilities, consisting of 193,000 square feet on the MIT campus. This responsibility
Candidates must register with the BE search website at, and must
submit application materials electronically to this website. Candidate applications should include a
description of professional interests and goals in both teaching and research. Each application should
recommendation letters. References should submit their letters directly at
Applications received by December 15, 2019 will be given priority.
Questions may be directed to: Prof. Angela Belcher ([email protected]), Head - Department of Biological
Engineering, MIT 16-343 Cambridge MA 02139.
MIT is an Equal Opportunity/ Affirmative Action employer


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