(Joyce) #1




How to say it

In this section, you’ll find a collection of the
phrases and expressions used in the extracts on
the previous pages (pp. 6–11). The numbers
(1–12) after each of the phrases refer to the
extract it was taken from.

Discussing strategies

(^) Our main KPI is to... [1]
(^) There are many simple options for
digital marketing and online cam-
paigns. [1]
(^) What’s really important is... [4]
(^) The next step would be to... [6]
(^) That sounds like the option that
really interests us. [10]
Asking about strategies
(^) How can you stand out from your
competition? [4]
(^) What tips can you share with us? [5]
(^) What’s next? [6]
(^) So, what’s the plan? [9]
Asking about the audience
(^) How can we drive more relevant
traffic to our website? [1]
(^) How do we know what they are
looking for? [4]
(^) How do we know we’re reaching the
right people? [11]
Listing examples
(^) For instance,... [1]
(^) What’s more,... [7]
Asking about SEO
(^) How easy is it to find you using
search engines? [2]
(^) Where do you turn up in search
results? [2]
(^) How do we get search engines to
give our website a higher ranking?
(^) What’s the easiest way to improve
SEO? [4]
(^) Will that lower our bounce rate? [6]
Discussing SEO
(^) We’re never on the first page or in
the top ten results. [2]
(^) Search engines give higher rankings
to sites with new content. [3]
(^) Search engines penalize sites that
use keyword stuffing. [5]
Making a comment
(^) That’s disappointing. [2]
(^) It’s embarrassing. [2]
(^) That’s impressive. [11]
(^) That’s incredible. [12] Illustration: Bernhard Förth

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