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2019 Annual Report (^79)
Key Progress and Industry Contributions
In 2019, we continued to work hard to earn the trust
and support of many industry organizations and
partners, with whom we joined forces to maintain a
fair, just, and open industry environment. International
organizations including 3GPP, GSMA, ETSI, IEEE, IETF,
the Linux Foundation, Apache, and TMF, have issued
public statements in support of inclusivity for all
members in public industry activities, including Huawei,
insofar as the law permits. Together, we can do more
for the industry.
As of the end of 2019, Huawei is an active member
of more than 400 standards organizations, industry
alliances, and open source communities, where we
hold more than 400 key positions. We serve as a
member of the board or executive committee in 3GPP,
IETF, IIC, IEEE-SA, the Linux Foundation, BBF, ETSI,
In the industry space, Huawei actively contributes to
industry organizations in an effort to better support
the industry and expand the market for everyone. In
the customer space, Huawei creates platforms and
forms business alliances to address our customers’
specific business needs. We work with ecosystem
partners in a process of open innovation to create
customized solutions that give our customers the
digital edge for success in their own business. In
the government space, we work with our industry
partners worldwide to offer national governments
recommendations on policies for ICT adoption and
industry digitization. We help governments improve
their industry policy so that new technologies like
5G, AI, IoT, and cloud can deliver inclusive economic
growth for their country.
Standards organizations
We work closely with international
standards organizations and proactively
contribute. We help grow the industry
by driving the upgrade of ICT technology
and promoting broader collaboration.
We help vertical industries go digital,
and work with ecosystem partners to
create an ecosystem where everything is
We are active in the development of standards to
support the growth of the ICT infrastructure and
smart device industries. We contribute to more than
200 standards organizations on an ongoing basis.
To date, we have submitted over 60,000 standards
contributions. By working closely with key international
standards bodies and industry organizations, we are
helping to drive the global industry forward.
■ We support 3GPP, working with industry partners
to develop a consistent set of global 5G standards
so as to accelerate the practical application of 5G
in a highly connected world.
■ We are working actively with the ITU to produce
comprehensive standards for 5G transport networks
and optical transport networks (OTNs). This work
helps support advances in IP network technologies
that will enable sustained growth for the industry.
We also support the efficient allocation of
spectrum resources for mobile communications on
an international level.
■ We are active members of the IEEE. Under its
umbrella, we work with many industry partners
on the next-generation Wi-Fi and Ethernet
technologies. These technologies will support
industrial automation and connected vehicles. We
are also developing standards for smart cities and
IoT for the power industry; these are key to drive
the digital transformation of vertical industries.
■ Through the ETSI, we are working with telecom
carriers to explore the cloud computing
architectures of the future and develop standards
for the automation of telecom networks. We are
also part of industry-wide efforts to build up a
multi-access edge computing (MEC) ecosystem,
so that innovative new applications can reach the
market more quickly.
■ Alongside China’s big three carriers, we are
building China’s system of 5G standards and
helping industries incorporate this new technology
to ensure a smooth evolution to 5G.
■ We engage with emerging industries: We are
contributing to standards in domains such as
AI, consumer-facing businesses, and intelligent
vehicles. We support the establishment of standards
organizations and industry ecosystems in emerging

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