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80 Huawei Investment & Holding Co., Ltd.

Industry alliances

Huawei actively supports emerging
industries. Alongside industry partners,
we establish and promote industry
alliances to help build alignment across
the industry so that new applications
can be quickly commercialized and the
industry can develop more sustainably.

■ We join and support emerging ecosystems:
We have joined forces with industry partners
to establish industry alliances such as the 5G
Applications Industry Alliance (5GAIA), 5G
Deterministic Network Industry Alliance, 5G Cloud
VR Industry Alliance, AIoT Industry Alliance, and
the Intelligent Big Video Data Industry Alliance.
These alliances promote the development of key
technologies, formulate and promote industry
standards, and encourage training and skill
transfer. This helps accelerate innovation and
elevate each industry to the next level.

■ We have expanded our partnership with ITU-D to
deliver digital skills: In September 2019, Huawei
and ITU-D signed a memorandum of understanding
for a high-level partnership. We will expand our
work with the ITU across its global network for
delivering digital skills to different communities. At
centers of excellence run by ITU partners around
the world, we will provide training courses, access
to expert resources, and other support for new
technologies like AI and 5G.

■ We are active members and supporters of major
international industry alliances, including GSMA,
the Alliance of Industrial Internet (AII), the 5G
Automotive Association (5GAA), and the Edge
Computing Consortium (ECC). Through these
groups, we are driving the digital transformation
of the telecom industry, and speeding the adoption
of digital technology in other industries, which will
help provide a path to sustainable growth for the
ICT sector.

● We launched the 5GAA with our partners
in Europe, and continue to carry out joint
innovation in autonomous driving, smart
manufacturing, and other related domains.

● We started a task group for smart IoT models
within the AII, which will address challenges in
IoT application development and better enable
the industry as a whole.

● We helped create the 5G Alliance for Connected
Industries and Automation (5G-ACIA) to
integrate 5G into smart manufacturing,
advance the Industry 4.0 model, and create
new applications and scenarios for 5G in smart

Open source communities

We embrace open source
and continue to contribute more
resources to open
source projects. We are a
major contributor to leading
open source foundations
and communities, and we are
bringing more open innovations and open
ecosystems to the ICT industry.

■ We continued to increase our contributions to
major global open source communities like CNCF,
OpenStack, OCI, ONAP, OPNFV, Akraino, Acumos,
Hadoop, and Linaro.

● We sit on more than 10 different boards of
major international open source communities.
Huawei serves in more than 200 Technical
Steering Committee, Project Team Lead, and
Core Committer roles. We are among the
leading code contributors in these communities.

● We are an active supporter of open source
in the telecom sector as a route to industry
innovation and industry digitization. We
contribute NSMF and CCVPN use cases
to ONAP, which has helped to enable
interoperability between different vendors and
carriers, and bring innovative technologies into
commercial use more quickly.

● Within Acumos, we championed and delivered
integration with ONAP, so that machine
learning can power intelligent O&M that is
accessible to the entire industry.

● We contributed interfaces and blueprints to
ONAP and Akraino projects so that they could
harmonize with standards organizations like

■ We add value to open source software and make it
easier to use for developers.
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