Out of the Abyss

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pre..,cnt. ld~ quaggoths ar~ al o on hand, serving and
deanmg. II there are no drow 1n the main hall, there
i.e; a 25 pt'rccnt chance that a lone quaggoth is here
performing 1t'i duties.

There IS nothing of value in the main hall apart from
what the drow have on them. but characters can loot
the larder for the equivalent of up to 30 days of rations.
limited b) what they can carry. Earh day of rations for
one character weighs 2 pounds.

The two hanging towers flanking the platform are the
quarten. of the elite warriors of the outpost, except for
the commander's lieutenant (currently Shoor Vandree)
who has his own quarter~ in the priestess's tower. Each
hanging lower has two chambers, with a rope ladder
running between the upper and lower chamber through
a zurkhwood trapdoor. The elite warriors have finer
furniture, including zurkhwood chairs and small tables
around which they sit.
One off-duty drow e lite warrior rests in one of the
chambers hert> at any given time. There is a 50 percent
chance that one quaggoth is also present. carrying out
chores such as deaning up or delh·ering water. Either
reacts hostilely to intruders. but the) might choose to
ftec and warn the outpoc;t rather than anack. depending
on the odds.

The equipment of the resting drow warrior is stowed
beneath his pallet: a shortsword. a hand crossbow with
a case of 20 bolts. a chain shin. and a 100-foot coil of
silk rope with a c;mall grappling hook at the end.
Each of the chest'> in the four chambers contains a
flask of drow poison u<,ed to treat crossbow bolts. One
flask has enough poison to treat 20 bolts. Each chest
also contains two changes of clothing. 2d6 sp. l d8 gp.
a nd 1d4 ircms from t he Trinkets table in chapter 5.
"Equipment,'' of the Plnyer's Handbook.

  1. LIFT

Attached to tht' t>dgc' of the barracks platform is a winch-
and-basket device con:,isting of a large swinging arm
that carries a thin cord of strong spider silk. The cord
runs through a !>erie!> of pulleys from a hand-cranked
horizontal spool to n heavy woven basket suspended at
the end. The basket IS kept up on the platform except
when it is in usc.
Two quaggoth attendants remain by the lift to watch
for a signal from below for the basket to be low-ered.
They are on guard in case anyone other than a drow or
one of their own kind approaches.

Up to four Medium cremures can fit somewhat snugly
in the basket. which is swung out O\ er the edge of
the platform and lowered to the cavern floor below by
turning the spool using attached handles. This requires
a successful DC 18 Strength check, normally provided
by two quaggoth servants (one of which makes the

C H A I"Tl'R I J P III'>ONF.II.., nr IIIli U KOW

check while the other a c;ish with the Help action).
Once on the ca,·e floor, the ba kct can be loaded with
other pa-.-.cn~er!> or up 10 00 pounds of cargo. then
lifted back up to the platform 10 the same way. It takes 4
round.., for the ba-.ket to mo .. e between the platform and
the Ooor under normal operauon.

    A steep rope bridjle lead from the walkway ledge
    to th<' uppermost le\el of the largest hanging tower.
    called the priestess's tower. The floor of this circular
    chamber i CO\'ered b) dark ilken ma£S with a pale web-
    strand pattern woven through them in silvery thread.
    In the m1ddlc of the chamber {at the center of the web)
    stands a broad pedestal carved from zurkhwood. with
    a 10-foot-high sculpted :,pidt'r at its head. The carving
    is so lifelike that anyone initially entering the chamber
    and seeing II in dim light must succeed on a DC 12
    Wisdom (P<:rccption) check lo recognize it. On a fa ilure,
    a character mistakes it for a real giant spider.
    This place is a sh rinc lo Lolth, the d row's spider
    goddess. and also serves as quarters for Asha. the junior
    priestess. Sht> tends the shrine, overseeing routine
    rituals and offerings to Lolth.
    Roll a d6 when the characters enter the shrine to
    determine who they might meet.

d6 Activity
1-2 Ashi IS 1n the room ilone. resting
3-4 As hi ind ld4 drow are engaged in worship
S-6 The shnne IS empty

The back half of the chamber. behind the altar. is piled
with a semicircle of pillows and cushions. Resting
among these is a giant spider trained and kept by the
priestesses. The cushions give the spider sufficient
concealment to hide from anyone entering the tower
from I he front. A charactc•r must succeed on a Wisdom
(Perception) check contested by the s pide r's Dexterity
(Stealth) rhcck to spot it bdorc it moves.

The altar is Oanked by a pair of heavy si lver candlesticks
worth 25 gp each. They hold thick black candles. lit only
when a ritual is being performed in the shrine.
The eight "eyes" of the spider stat ue are eight pieces
of polished jet- four o,mall ones worth 5 gp each and
four larg,•r ones worth 10 gp each. Any non-drow who
posses'>e.., these gems falls under a curse from Lolth. All
spiders and <;pidcrlike crt'atures attack the bearer of the
stones on '>lght. and such creatures have advantage on
checks to dt'tt~ct the posse~or of the stones. The curse
lasts until all the stones arc gi\'en imo the safekeeping
of a drow worshiper of Lohh or the gems are subject to a
remm-e cur'>t spell.

    A rope• ladder leads down from the shrine into this
    chambt:r. which serves :.s private quarters to Mistress
    llvara, prlc·stcss of Lolth and commander ofVclkynvelve.

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