Out of the Abyss

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the newly seen demonic corruption will not be contained
within the Underdark for long. Eventually it will break
through to the surface and threaten all FaerCin-and by
the time it does, it might be too late to stop it.

Neutral good shield dwarf scout

Ideals : Loyalty. nature, the dwarven people
P e rsonality: Stern. stubborn, insightful
Potential Resources: Emerald Enclave scouts and giant
lizard mounts
Morista Malkin is the only faction representative who
currently resides in Gauntlgrym. Originally from the
Silver Marches. she heard Bruenor's call to reclaim the
glory of the ancient line of Delzoun and followed him
to Gauntlgrym. Here, she balances her work with the
Emerald Enclave and her loyalty to her people and their
cause. Stern and stubborn, Morista sees it as her duty to
protect the people of Gauntlgrym from the often savage
nature of the Underdark and to remind them of its
natural beauty. She serves King Bruenor as an advisor
and both admires and respects him.
Morista spends some of her time training elite scouts
to reconnoiter the Underdark passages near the city. A
few momhs ago. one of her scouts- a wood elf named
Sladis Vadir-disappeared while on a mission in the
Underdark. Hopeful that the characters might stumble
upon Sladis and see him safely back to Gauntlgrym,
Morista pledges a team of three shield dwarf scouts
to accompany them, along with a giant lizard mount
for each enclave scout and each player character.
The scouts a re named Brim Coppervein, Thargus
Forkbeard, and Griswalla Stonehammer.
If the characters accept the Emerald Enclave's
support. make three photocopies of the Emerald
Enclave Scout stat card at the end of this chapter as
well as photocopies of the Giant R iding Lizard stat
card (one for each enclave scout and player character).
If you don't want to control the scouts and giant lizards
yourself, you can distribute their stat cards among the
players and let them run the NPCs.
Should Morista come under attack, use the scout
statistics in the Monster Manual to represent her.


The Lords' Alliance is a
political and economic coalition
of cities spread throughout
the North and the Sword
Coast. The alliance owes its
success to effective cooperation
and diplomacy between its
members, who work to align
their separate settlements
toward a mutual purpose. This
cooperation is easier during
times of crisis, making the
Lords' Alliance a powerful
force when threats require a
united front. The agents of the
Lords' Alliance work to maintain the delicate network


of information and diplomacy that sustains their order.
alert for anything that might threaten the alliance's
interests. Recent reports of unusual activity from the
Underdark m ight mark one such threat.
The alliance has noted how many Underdark sites
near their settlements have gone quiet. Routine forays
and raids onto the surface world have come to a halt,
as has the Row of trade and information. Rumors have
reached the Lords' Alliance of demon-worshiping cults
a nd chaos around places s uch as Blingdcnstone and
Menzoberranzan, though they have little confirmation.
The possibility that the demon lords of the Abyss are
active in the Underdark is a threat the Lords' Alliance
can't ignore.

Lawful neutral half-elf noble
Ideals: Order, society, peace, stability
Personality: Charming, sly, worldly
Potentia l Resources : Lords' Allia nce guards and spies
The representative of the Lords' Alliance is a noble
of Tethyrian and moon elf heritage, his youthful looks
belying his actual age and experience. Although he hails
from Waterdeep, Lord Eravien often travels to other
alliance settlements. He's a charming and sly courtier,
able to immediately size up any social situation, but his
fondness for socializing often distracts him from what'!>
important. As a result, Eravien has heard relatively little
of the recent events in the Underdark. and he is initiall}
unconvinced of the importance of the party's mission.
Tf they can convince him other wise, Lord Eravien
arranges for some agents of the Lords' Alliance to join
the expedition:
Five dwarf guards from the alliance city of Mirabar.
Their names a re Nazrok Blueaxe, Kirsil Mantlehorn.
Anzar the Brazen. Gargathine Truesilver, and
Splinter Darkmorn.
Three human spies from the alliance city of Yartar.
Their names are Farry! Kilmander, Zilna Oakshadow.
and Hilvius Haever.
If the party accepts these NPCs into its ranks, make
five photocopies of the Lords' Alliance Guard and
three photocopies of the Lords' Alliance Spy stat cards
at the end of this chapter. If you don't want to control
these NPCs yourself, you can distribute their stat cards
among the players and let them run the NPCs.
Eravien knows that the Lords' Alliance has a deep-
cover operative in the Underd a rk. Khelessa Draga, a
high elf from Silverymoon, was sent to spy on the drow
over a year ago. Eravien knows that Khelessa uses
magic to disguise herself as a dark elf and warns the
characters not to attack any draw they encounter until
they can confirm the target isn't Khelessa in disguise.
The Lords' Alliance lost contact with Khelessa months
ago, so Eravien doesn't know where she is.
Should Lord Eravien come under attack, use the
noble statis tics in the Monster Manual to represent him
He travels with three servants (strongheart halOing
commone rs) and three well-paid human guards.
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